Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cafe Cubano in the News

Being in the news, is common for Celebrities  and being in the Positive news is the forte of Cafe Cubano, Kemps Corner, August Kranti Marg, near Gowalia Tank, Mumbai. The lobby ofCafe Cubano is filled with Positive vibes due to the freshly minted Newsprint copies, 'I'm hungry' and 'I need a drink'. 

What's that ?. You may wonder. Come, Join me. Let's do a sting operation on 'Cafe Cubano' and Master Chef Rakesh Talwar.

Chef Rakesh Talwar flaunts Devilish Chef tattoo, wielding a pan, wearing  a chef's crown.

Chef Rakesh Talwar prefers Good, Happy news only. Instead of cribbing about the problem, he stopped reading daily newspapers and watching TV. That's not all, he started his own newspaper. Is not that Incredible in India?.

So the Good News is Cafe Cubano. Here you get your fill of Happy News, right at the lobby-level. As you can see in the photo that the lobby-shelves are full of news-prints of 'I'm hungry' and 'I need a drink'.

 Take a closer look. Each table has glass-full of good news in the form of Food-menu and bottle-full of better news in the form of Drinks-menu. Is not it so very creative, out of the box, I mean Out of Bottle, literally... 

Cafe Cubano has a Colorful character and it reflects in every detail, such as Black table-napkins instead of chalky White, the Silver metallic interiors, the exotic fish tank,Tangerine sofa-sets, Sky-blue chairs, Olive green bar-stools, Sunny bright windows etc. 

The uniqueness of Cafe Cubano and its Master Chef Rakesh Talwar amazes us from the entry level and keeps on ascending in the Geometric fashion. I know, my dear friends, what you are muttering under the breath, "Enough of Flowery Glossary , give us the Hard facts".

Let me present you the real, authentic Chef Rakesh Talwar , his den Cafe Cubano, and most importantly the vibrant FOOD.

We started on sweet notes with refreshing mock tails -Spiced GuavaMango Chilli RockerRam's Colada  and graduated to cocktails- CaiprioskaDim Bulb as the gentlemen joined us. More than the final product, we enjoyed the process of cocktail mixing, thoroughly. What skill ! How much concentration !, goes into making a single cocktail. Just like Shabari , the mixologist tasted and modified each drink before he presented it.
Tandoori Wasabi Broccoli : Too eye-candy , to even touch, so I did not taste. Actually I hate broccoli so did not try. The others liked it and licked it.
Fried Dhokla with Chilli Garlic Sauce : I did nor even wasted time in clicking the photo . That absolutely sums up the yummy, spicy taste of
 this fusion starter .

Puri Bhaji Methi Tacos : Novel concept, but I was full on Dhokla , so did not taste this one.
Pav Bhaji Tikki Sliders with spicy french fries : Yes, you guessed it right, All of us just gorged on these mini-bombs. Our McDonladized tongues relished the superb fries, indulgently. 
Faltu Masala Pizza : Topped with Onion, Tomato, Capsicum , Corn , Coriander leaves. It was cheesy so I preferred to click rather than  eat and my co-diners were happy to have my share.

The lunch continued with my favorite Dabba Bhaji, Garlic Naan and Burnt Garlic Rice. Others liked Veg Manchurian , Dhingri Mutter Masala too. I wanted to save some appetite for my favorite Dessert so waited for .... Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream. The others enjoyed their share of Sweets like Cutting Chai Panacotta with Pistachio Naankhatai , Banofee Glass and Gulab Jamun stuffed with Paan cream. 

Some of us were so so full that they wished themselves to be carried out in the Beer-barrow. 



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