Thursday, April 4, 2019

Detoxification through Ayurveda : Panchkarma

The Season for Purification
 The season is changing and the weather is pleasant! For many of us, the season of winter came with a lot of bulking and loading of weight. We didn’t realize how much weight we’re putting on in this season. But, when the weather changes and the season start putting relief to our layers, we notice the pounds we’ve gained.
Now, when we have had a season full of tasty food items and less exercising due to excessive cold temperature, we all get a little embarrassed for not going out much!
But, it’s absolutely fine. Yummy and tasty food doesn’t have to make you feel embarrassed. But, if you take care of yourself thoroughly, then you won’t have to bow down to the king of diseases. So, it’s ideally recommended by Dr. Divya Sharad Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya to get detoxified in this spring season! 
Although, you may get your own Detox every time the season changes, it’s very beneficial if you get detoxified in Spring season.
Due to the lifestyle of Indian people serving loads of fatty and carbohydrate-rich food items, spring season gives them new ways to bloom again!
With the starting of Spring season and the ending of the winter season, it causes a lot of health issues for a lot of people. The skin starts to dull because of the changing food habits and groceries available in the supermarket.
As per the Environmental Working Group’s study, they found that there were close to 287 known toxins in a baby’s umbilical cord blood. Now, we can get an idea of how we in direct contact with the world are exposed to such harmful chemicals.
The food we have eaten throughout the whole season might not be fit to eat in other season. Just like that, when the season changes, we must get rid of all the leftover and stuck items left in our stomach, intestines, and bladder, etc. so that we’re well prepared for the next season.
Although, getting a detox cycle for yourself is completely recommended to you after every month or two. But, if that’s not possible, then getting a detoxification cycle through Ayurveda in Spring season is also beneficial.
Why spring season is the best time to detox through Ayurveda:

·         The temperature outside starts rising and the body produces sweat. So, sweat will help you detox naturally
·         A lot of organic food items are available nearby which help a lot in detoxification. For ex: watermelon
·         When the temperature is on the warmer tone, our bodies get in the detox mode automatically
·         The food items start getting replaced with new varieties like mango etc. which have a lot of antioxidants which help boost detox on body

While most of us have had a great time munching on spicy, fried and oily food in winters; we must also realize that our body organs have some of the left overs in them. So, this paves way for problems in many people. Hence, it is recommended to get detoxification therapies mentioned in Ayurveda sutra before starting the journey of summers.
Some widely known Ayurvedic therapies for detoxification which you must get:
Panchkarma: A widely known five fold ayurvedic therapy which aims to cleanse your body from kinds of Doshas and toxins with five different types of therapies.
Panchkarma helps to balance the three kinds of Doshas i.e., Kapha, Pitta and Vata. This procedure helps to keep the body in full function and boosts your healing power, naturally.
In Panchkarma, you get these five Ayurvedic therapies to detox your body:
Abyanga, Shirodhara,Garshana, Swedana, and Pizichili.
With the starting of a new season, people start facing various health problems and in some cases, it is directly linked to the changing food varieties and the ranging temperature. So, it is highly recommended by doctors to have a Panchkarma therapy in the beginning of spring season.
Hence, we may conclude that the spring season is the best season for detoxification through Ayurveda.


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