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Bombay Times Fashion Week Day 1: A Spectacular Showcase of Couture Excellence

Mumbai, May 3, 2024 – The inaugural day of the Bombay Times Fashion Week (BTFW) unfolded with a mesmerizing display of haute couture, creativity, and a profound commitment to humanitarian causes.

 The event commenced with a captivating collaboration between by Dilshad Khan- Editor in chief Of Mumbai Halchal and the founder of Florian Foundation- Archunaa Jaiin, setting a powerful tone for the evening. Show opener Simran Ahuja paved the way for a night of elegance and purpose, as showstoppers Mugdha Godse, Rahul Dev, and others graced the ramp alongside the founders, underscoring the message of humanism and inclusivity. Designer Vishal Kapoor, Dilshad Khan and Archunaa Jaiin, along with jewelry partner Lajja and Karan Mehta, presented the vibrant and dramatic collection 'JALSA,' epitomizing elegance, grace, and sheer glamour. The spirit of humanity resonated throughout the day, with LA Jewels, founded by Lajja and Karan Mehta, lending their support to the cause. Their bespoke designs reflected a blend of timeless classics and avant-garde creations, redefining luxury with creativity and authenticity.

Following the opening showcase, the runway came alive with a series of enthralling collections, each offering a unique narrative. Rishi & Vibhuti transported the audience to idyllic shores with their Riviera collection, inspired by coastal escapes and adorned with vibrant prints and chic kaftans. Showstopper Alaya F added an extra touch of elegance to the collection, embodying the essence of carefree sophistication.

Suwannee by Sam paid tribute to familial strength amidst adversity with the "Blossoming through Resilience" collection, showcasing eco-printed garments symbolizing the delicate balance of nature and human spirit. Showstopper Daler Mehndi graced the runway, lending his charisma to the heartfelt collection.

Mitikka's 'KANAF TO KASHI' collection paid homage to the tropical Hibiscus Flower and the holy city of Benares, blending stunning prints with intricate handwork on eco-friendly fabrics. Showstopper Malikka Singhania added allure and grace to the collection.

The Story Brand presented the ETOILE collection, drawing inspiration from the twilight sky and offering a tribute to subtle grandeur and contemporary elegance. Showstopper Sini Shetty epitomized quiet luxury and sophistication as she walked the ramp, captivating the audience with her ethereal presence.

Anu Pellakuru celebrated the timeless allure of Indian florals with the 'Swarniraha' collection, meticulously handcrafted with love and adorned with intricate floral motifs and whimsical 'ghumerus'. Showstopper Mrunal Thakur graced the runway, embodying the celebration of prosperity, harmony, and the auspiciousness of Indian flowers with her bold statement and rooted tradition.

Awigna by Varsha and Ritu presented 'NOVA,' a celebration of the modern Indian woman's spirit blending tradition with contemporary flair. Showstopper Karisma Kapoor exuded elegance and charm, embodying the freshness of spring and the warmth of summer in each meticulously crafted ensemble.

The evening culminated with the glamorous presentation by Lavie presents Archana Kochhar, paying homage to Indian weaves and bridal elegance. Showstopper Malaika Arora added star power to the shimmering collection, embodying the timeless grace of Indian traditions.

 Jigya M's 'Pankh' collection closed the day's festivities with a journey from Gujarat to Mumbai and beyond, showcasing heirloom pieces inspired by Gujarat's rich culture and heritage. The collection's showstopper elevated the runway with elegance and heritage.

Hospitality Partner Grand Hyatt Mumbai, Hair & Makeup Partner DB, Fragrance Partner Riiffs Parfums, PR & Communication Agency Bubble Communication. 

Stay tuned for more updates as Bombay Times Fashion Week continues to dazzle with its showcase of haute couture and luxury living.

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