Tuesday, October 10, 2023

World Mental Health Day

Due to mockery and ridicule, mentally ill people are still away from treatment in India

Mumbai - 'World Mental Health Day' is celebrated on 10 October to understand the importance of mental health in the society and to create public awareness. The concept of global mental health day or year means that mental health is a universal right and every person should have access to mental health services. The virus called Corona has caused many problems to mankind. You had to face many changes during the lockdown. Corona has resulted in not only physical health but also mental health. Due to numerous economic crises, one had to face depression and anxiety. Therefore, mental health may be undermined to some extent. Due to the Corona epidemic, stress and mental illness have awakened everyone. Mental stress before the Corona epidemic was not given much importance, hence there seems to be an open discussion about it, but even today there is not enough awareness and importance regarding mental health. A person suffering from mental illness has to face ridicule.

Giving more information on the subject, Dr. Pratik Surandashe (MD Psychiatry) Consultant Psychiatrist from Apex group of Hospitals, Borivali said, “Apart from physical health, mental health is equally important and everyone's mental health is equally important, it is our intention to give this message on behalf of Apex Hospital Group on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. In the advanced stages of adulthood, it may be necessary to face psychosis. Mental illnesses are in need of appropriate treatment and therapy. Many questions and problems can be solved through open discussion. Many children and youth in India suffer from mental health problems. Yet social stigma i.e. society's judgmental attitude and negative attitude towards mental health prevent the youth from pursuing the necessary research. The time has come to break the silence regarding mental health and diseases because neglecting mental health leads to mental health problems like mental stress, depression, anxiety, hysteria, dementia, phobia. The usage of such words as mental asylum, Mental hospital or psychic doctor are very painful. Women and children, who are considered to be the most unsafe components of the society, have started facing constant atrocities. In fact, according to a survey, the evidence of violence against women and children has increased by leaps and bounds in the last ten years.  Mental health due to physical violence is at stake. Along with this, a patient suffering from heart diseases, mental disorders, cancer and other life-threatening diseases always goes under mental stress or if he ignores everything, then the chances of suicide increase.”


A 2022 survey conducted by India's National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) found that approximately 150 million Indians are in need of mental health care, with only 30 million citizens receiving qualified treatment for mental illness. That means this number has definitely increased in 2023. This means that more than 12 percent of India's citizens are facing mental illness i.e. depression. The practice of a leading market research company in India has shown that the rapidly increasing social inequality, conflicts in everyday life and increasing conflict in relationships have the potential to increase mental illness by 15 percent every year

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