Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Vittiya Sashaktikaran Diwas on 10/10/2023 ( Tuesday ) :-

The Vittiya Sashaktikaran Diwas is being celebrated on 10th October 2023 as a mark of celebration of Postal week. The Dak Community Development Program ( Dak Choupal ) has been organized in 113 locations all over Maharashtra with active participation of all stake holders from Central, State and Local Government bodies. The Dak Community Development Program ( DCDP ) aims at bringing all Welfare schemes of Central Government, State Government and Local authorities at one platform exclusively for beneficiaries. It also includes raising awareness among the members of public about all prevalent schemes and the means to avail such benefits. During the Choupal , Maharashtra Circle opened 9387 Accounts of SB various categories.

Also, POSB quizzes were organized for the customers, agents, GDS and Departmental staff  at 33 locations in Maharashtra Circle. 951 participated in the POSB quiz competition held. The aim is to create curiousity and awareness among all the stakeholders, specially customers (senior citizen / women/school children etc)

During this day, Maharashtra Circle held a special drive for procurement of new PLI/RPLI policies on DCDP (Dak Choupal) in each division  and  procured business of   sum assured of Rs 122 crores from 3347 policies.

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