Thursday, October 26, 2023

Legal System: Must safeguard, trust, and provide fairness to all: Akshat Khetan, Founder, AU Corporate and Legal Advisory Services (AUCL)

Mumbai, October 23, 2023 : A country’s economic success is not only about resource availability but equally about the presence of a robust legal system that safeguards trust, investment, and fairness for all. Just as the skeletal system keeps the human body functional and stable, the legal system serves as the backbone keeping a nation’s economic body upright and moving forward, stressed, Akshat Khetan, Founder of AU Corporate and Legal Advisory Services at recently concluded ASSOCHAM Bharat Legal Conclave & National Legal Excellence Awards 2023 at The Imperial Hotel in Delhi. 

As a key note speaker, at ASSOCHAM Bharat Legal Conclave, Akshat Khetan, Founder of AUCL said,” The annals of our nation’s corporate journey are rich with instances where legal jurisprudence has stood as the bedrock of ethical commercial practice. Our judiciary, armed with the Constitution, statutory frameworks, and an ever-evolving corpus of case law, has tirelessly navigated the complex waters of corporate governance, competition, labor relations, and consumer protection, fostering an environment where business integrity and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

In parallel, the role of our present government under the dynamic leadership of our visionary Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi in shaping this corporate landscape cannot be understated. Through policy reforms, incentive-based schemes, and digitalization drives, the government has shown a commitment to transforming India into a global business powerhouse. Initiatives such as ‘Make in India’, GST reforms, and ease of doing business policies are reshaping traditional paradigms, inviting both domestic entrepreneurial spirit and foreign interests to write their growth stories on Indian soil, Khetan,” added.

At the Bharat Legal Conclave, Shri, Arjun Ram Meghwal, Minister of Law and Justice, Preeti Malhotra, Chairman, Smart Bharat Group and Chairperson, ASSOCHAM National Council for Corporate Affairs, Company Law and Corporate Governance, Suresh Chandra, Information Commissioner at the Central Information Commission of India and former Secretary at the Ministry of Law and Justice of India, were present on the occasion. 

About AUCL


AUCL is a renowned corporate and legal advisory services firm, with decades of experience in corporate debt restructuring and insolvency and brings to the table a unique fusion of experience-driven business acumen and an unconventional approach to empower clients to conclusively address their problems. This operational tenet is fortified by a firm belief in value creation, enabling to facilitate turnarounds, whenever and wherever possible.  

The strategic advisory services provided by AUCL helps clients to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risk and achieve desired business objectives. AUCL is an expert at including regulatory, compliance, policy development and implementation, director’s duties and corporate governance, share capital and other distribution matters such as share rights, redemption, transfers, buybacks and dividend declarations, capital distributions, intellectual property rights registration, protection and enforcement.

AUCL has a track record of working with firms in various industries, major corporations, emerging businesses and banks to provide solutions to problems that are multifaceted and complex. Driven by experienced partners and a customer-centric approach, AUCL has solutions to all dynamic issues facing various sectors.

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