Monday, October 16, 2023

Apex Group of Hospitals conducted awareness campaign on hand hygiene on the occasion of Global Handwashing day

Mumbai- On Global Handwashing Day, people around the world come together to promote handwashing with soap and to encourage others to make handwashing a habit. Events are held in schools, workplaces, and communities to teach people about the importance of handwashing and to demonstrate how to wash their hands correctly.On account of Global Handwashing Day, Apex Group of Hospitals held a very special activity in their EMR center which is located at Platform No. 3- Borivali Railway station. The motto was to spread awareness about the importance of hand hygiene practices among the common people in the society  to offer protection from the COVID pandemic and other diseases. 

Dr. Ravindra Rathod, Quality Head from Apex Group of Hospitals said, “Emphasizing regular handwashing with soap as a straightforward and effective measure, the initiative aims to curtail germ transmission and reduce the prevalence of diseases such as diarrhea, respiratory infections, and cholera. Notably, these diseases contribute significantly to mortality rates, particularly among children in developing nations.We are making efforts so that the campaign reaches the maximum number of people who benefit from it. Our nurses and paramedical staff participated in this Global handwashing day drive where we demonstrated how to wash their hands  to common people and the importance of handwashing in our daily life at Borivali railway station and surrounding areas.  Global Handwashing Day not only serves as a day of awareness but also as a call to action for individuals, communities, and organizations to promote and practice good hygiene habits. By celebrating this day and spreading the message of cleanliness, we can contribute to healthier lives for people around the world.

Each year, Global Handwashing Day adopts a specific theme to focus on different aspects of hand hygiene. The themes are chosen to address the most pressing issues in public health and hygiene  The theme for the 2023 Global Handwashing Day, “Clean hands are within reach,” serves as a comprehensive platform for educating people, notably children, about the significance of hand hygiene and proper handwashing techniques, thereby emphasizing the accessibility and crucial nature of this fundamental practice. Apex Group of Hospitals is a chain of Hospitals managed and run by expert Medical Professionals with experience of 25 years. Currently Apex group of Hospitals manages more than 350+ beds and provides qualitative healthcare services to the people of Mumbai and surrounding areas. Apex Hospitals is located in Borivali, Kandivali & Mulund.

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