Thursday, October 5, 2023

State government is the enemy of the open class of the state



Mumbai, October 5, 2023: The present government in the state is only deceiving the people of the state and is working to throw dust in the eyes of the open class category citizens.


After the implementation of schemes like Sarathi and Mahajyoti, it is clearly seen that the present state government is playing games with the people of the state as it is not implementing the schemes like `Amrit' just for optics to please the people.


Speaking at the press conference, Anand Dave, Founder, Hindu Mashasangh,  said that the previous Mahavikas Aghadi government had ignored schemes like Amrit. In fact, if schemes like AMRUT were implemented solidly, it would have helped to solve the problems of open category citizens. However, after the defeat of the candidate of Kasba assembly elections and the promise given to the Hindu Federation, the government promised to implement `Amrit', but that promise has also failed.


While schemes such as Sarathi, Barti, Mahajyoti are in force, there is a provision of full training for the youth of the society for the competitive exams, but in Amrut Yojana, no provision has been made for this. This shows that the intention of the government is not right. Not only this, the eligible students in Amrit Yojana were told that the bus fare for the final interview will be given to the students after passing the exam. This type is rubbing salt in the wounds of young students in the open category.


Dave added that on one hand the government announces various schemes but on the other hand it leads to increasing casteism in the society. This is the main reason for different hostels for children of different castes.

Anand Dave said that the Hindu Federation is against all kinds of reservation based on caste and it is our main demand that the reservation should be based on economic criteria. But that doesn't seem to be happening. They can never deny that the BJP was also involved in the sin of squandering the opportunity of an open category by bringing the Mandal Commission and supporting it in the Lok Sabha. That is why, until reservation is not given on economic criteria, the government should support the Maratha youth at different levels. Without doing this, the state government will only create confusion and die


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