Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Pescafresh Launches “World’s First Live Commerce in Seafood and Meats category”

~ What you see is what you get: Pescalive will display fresh stock ~

~ This direct model by Pescafresh will give customers the freshest seafood and meats possible ~

Mumbai, June 7, 2022 - India’s first D2C Seafood and Meat brand Pescafresh is launching the world’s first live commerce tech property - Pescalive - in the seafood and meats space. Many customers believe that finding fresh, high-quality seafood online is full of obstacles, trepidation and misrepresentation. Pescalive, which has been developed by an in-house tech team, will showcase ‘fresh catch of the day’, taking customers in real time to the source.

Pescalive promotes the ‘catch’ to ‘kitchen’ concept, showcasing fresh stock from shore to door.  Customers can buy seafood on a first come, first serve basis in real time. Consumers will have the option to embark on a journey from fishing vessels to fresh farms, get to look at the processing centres, explore live cooking marathons, expert panel talks and influencer engagements among other activities.

“As a brand that has believed in democratising freshness since the last 15 years, we have been pained to see how technology has been misused to spread the wrong messages or to misguide the consumers. At Pescafresh, we believe that transparency is the key and we are keen to pioneer and usher in a new era of eradicating opaqueness from this category. With Pescalive, what you see is what you get. As a conscientious brand, we will use the technology in a responsible way and for reasons that technology is meant for, with the core being "transparency. The opportunities are infinite with Pescalive," said Sangram Sawant, Founder, Pescafresh. 

“With a vision to shape a new generation of internet commerce, Pescafresh has taken a leap in bringing in an interactive live buying experience. Informed decision making and what you see is what you get, form the underlying principles of this new technology launch, termed Pescalive. As a tech first and tech unlimited company, we are immensely excited about launching Pescalive and we are confident that it will change the way our customers experience the brand, as it will inform, entertain and empower them. Stay tuned, as it will only get better, richer and more engaging, as we continue to invest in tech and bring in delightful new experiences,” said Kazhiyur, Chief Technology Officer, Pescafresh.

Recently, Pescafresh raised funds, which will be invested in geographical expansions and technological intervention. Pescafresh, which is currently present in Mumbai, will soon launch its operations in Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Founded in 2004 by Sangram Sawant, Pescafresh functions on the farm-to-fork business model. The brand owns the entire back-end supply chain, including stringent cold chain control, procurement, processing and storage, so that the products’ quality and freshness is maintained right from the initial stages to the time it reaches the customers. Pescafresh is introducing an additional 100 products across the raw and RTE -RTC product line.

 About Pescafresh

Founded in 2004, Pescafresh is India’s first direct-to-consumer seafood and meat brand that pioneered home delivery in temperature-controlled EPS boxes. It operates on a farm-to-fork model, owning the entire back-end supply chain and cold storage chain. Pescafresh caters to the customer’s doorstep with a tantalising culmination of variety and taste at an affordable price. Pescafresh has deep insights into Modern retail across formats including ABRL MORE, Natures Basket, Big Bazaar, Easyday, Le Marche, and others. The company has an established supply chain that sources the freshest seafood from over 40 landing centers and is credited with importing the first consignments of fresh chilled salmon from Norway, Scotland and Canada. The company has received funding from marquee investors such as Blume Ventures, Elara India Opportunity Fund, UK and Rehan Yar Khan of Orios Ventures. Pescafresh aims to expand geographically across 10 cities in the country in 2022, also plans to introduce an additional 100 products across the raw and RTE - RTC product line. Pescafresh has transitioned to a tech/product first differentiated Seafood and Meat brand.


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