Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Global Esports and Online Gaming Unicorn Mobile Premier League Partners SHIELD to Enhance User Trust & Safety

08th June 2022 - Mobile Premier League (MPL), the world’s leading esports and online gaming platform, has partnered with SHIELD, the global risk intelligence company, to offer the highest level of Fairplay and safety to their users. As the leader in fraud prevention, SHIELD is helping online businesses build trust with over 350 million of India’s 750 million smartphone users. 

Trusted by over 90 million gamers worldwide, MPL is at the forefront of democratizing esports across the world. This partnership strengthens MPL’s existing anti-fraud capabilities using  SHIELD’s real-time risk intelligence. Fraudulent gamers will be immediately blocked from the platform, allowing genuine gamers to join tournaments with confidence. Moreover, this collaboration will also inform MPL’s gamer retention strategies. The combination of MPL’s dedication to user trust and safety and SHIELD’s expertise in the risk intelligence space will help deliver a more trusted and fair platform for current and future gamers. 

The global esports and online gaming market size is projected to reach $4.75 billion by 2030, leaving the industry ripe with opportunities for gamers, and fraudsters alike. Fraudulent gamers could create multiple fake accounts to flood tournaments and increase their odds of winning. This behavior creates an unfair playing field for gamers, which would adversely affect user trust and confidence. 

“At MPL, providing the highest degree of protection against fraud and cheating is our topmost priority. We are focused on offering the users a safe and secure gameplay experience on the platform. In order to deliver this consistently, we are committed to using best in class technology, and our partnership with SHIELD has enabled us to continue to take this forward,” said Ruchir Patwa, VP Security and Compliance

“As threats continue to evolve, it has become imperative for businesses to treat risk intelligence as critical infrastructure. It’s a pleasure to be working with MPL who shares the same philosophy as us - stopping fraud and building trust with users - so they can focus on driving growth,” added Deepak Kumar, VP of Engineering of SHIELD. 

About MPL 

Mobile Premier League (MPL) is the world's leading mobile eSports platform that allows users to participate in free as well as paid competitions across 60+ games in multiple categories, including fantasy sports, sports games, puzzle, casual and board games. Founded in 2018, MPL hosts hundreds of millions of tournaments a month and is trusted by over 90 million registered users across Asia, Europe, and North America.

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SHIELD is the world’s leading risk intelligence company, empowering online businesses to stop fraud, build trust, and drive growth. Powered by the latest AI technology, SHIELD combines cutting-edge device fingerprinting with its proprietary Global Intelligence Network to detect new and unknown fraud threats in real time. SHIELD offers a range of solutions that span device fingerprinting, enterprise-grade protection, ad fraud prevention, and alternative credit risk intelligence. With offices across the globe and customers on every continent, SHIELD is rapidly achieving its global mission - to shield the world from all online fraud.

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