Saturday, June 11, 2022

IMAEC Dialysis Centre disrupts the healthcare industry with the launch of franchise model for opening and set up of IMAEC dialysis center

Power couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain disrupt the healthcare industry with the launch of franchise for opening of dialysis 

*Mumbai, 11 June 2022:* Today, IMAEC Ltd., the country’s leading infection control solutions provider, has made another disruptive move in the world of healthcare by launching franchise chain for IMAEC dialysis centre With this vision to make kidney treatment more cost-effective, the centre is now equipped with the latest and most advanced dialysis machines .

The company IMAEC aim to equipped its  dialysis centre machine with extensively intuitive GUI which minimizes human error and does not alienate the user to learn a new system. Well-equipped with tools from the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the System will be smart enough to make choices for calibrating parameters best suitable for a patient considering their reports and vitals, and deliver a seamless personalised treatment. To eliminate human error, the layout of the EBM will be redesigned and Extra Corporeal Circuit Interaction will be made even more user-friendly. The complete treatment and process will be monitored and analysed by the System itself. This will not only generate a real-time biofeedback data of the patient’s vitals, but also the efficiency and adequacy of dialysis altogether, allowing us to understand and improve the quality of the treatment. The machine will be compliant and certified under the following categories – Class C Machine, ISO 13485 (CE certified), for electrical safety- ISO 14971, for servicing/ maintenance IEC 62353. The certified and individual components will be RoHS Certified. 

Speaking about the launch of the dialysis machine, Dr. Vishal Kumar Jain, Managing Director – IMAEC, said, “With the launch of franchise for  fully equipped dialysis center we aim to develop a coherent system that generates useful patient data for enhancing personalised treatments while also effectively reducing the costs of the dialysis treatment. We want to provide a wide spectrum of treatments suitable for the Indian lifestyle while being sensitive and considerate to rising comorbidities, and how the patients can benefit through the treatments beyond just dialysis.”

On the occasion of the launch of the franchise of IMAEC dialysis center  power couple Ankita Lokhande Jain and Vicky Jain, Directors – IMAEC, said, “With the launch of the franchise for IMAEC dialysis center we aim to democratise the dialysis treatment for kidney patients. We are looking forward to making the treatment more affordable and accessible so that more people can be treated.”

About IMAEC Ltd

IMAEC Dialysis Centres are designed with ‘Patients Ease of Use’ in mind. The centre is equipped with the latest dialysis machines and an advanced RO water treatment plant. The centre deploys a customized dialysis management application to monitor and manage treatment regimen of the patients. The application is a cloud based comprehensive web management system that automates dialysis workflows, auditing and report generation while monitoring dialysis centre’s key performance. The Electronic Medical Record is the backbone of the application and helps in delivering preventive and disease management programs. The application can scale to multiple units/ dialysis centres helping administrators to reduce operating costs and seamlessly integrating with billing, inventory and e-prescription. The dialysis centre features an effective staff-to-patient ratio and is staffed by experienced and trained manpower in addition to a full-time doctor. The centre also has a dietician with expertise in kidney disorders, to provide Nutrition counselling, There is a 24/7 ambulance facility to address any adverse incidents or emergencies.

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