Monday, May 31, 2021

Rizzle introduces Bollywood-level videos with its new feature Filmi

Rizzle is re-leveling the video playing field for all content creators with their  AI & ML-based cutting-edge feature ‘Filmi’


National, May 31, 2021: In an industry where innovation is so rare and there is a lack of groundbreaking original ideas, Rizzle launches Filmi, which transforms simple videos into stunning videos that seem straight out of a Bollywood movie thanks to their AI & ML-based special effects. This innovative feature gives your everyday short videos a magical makeover at the touch of a button. This exciting update is welcomed by the larger creator community as the hours spent on editing can now be put to productive use.

When the short videos mania first hit India, there was an overwhelming number of lipsync videos which then transformed into dance videos. Fast forward to today’s short videos market full of TikTok clones, when there are millions of creators trying their hands at dance and lip sync. As entertaining as they might be, they are monotonous and maybe losing their appeal.

Creators spend hours editing a short video clip to ensure they get high engagement. While some creators learn the art of editing, the vast majority would rather focus on their primary skill set of performance art including lip-syncing, dance, short skits, and so on.

Filmi is revolutionary in short video platforms. Now every creator can make videos that look like they are straight out of a Bollywood music video.

Sapna Patel, the Director of Marketing at Rizzle states: “Rizzle is re-leveling the video playing field for creators with Filmi. Our team wants to empower all creators with AI & ML-powered tools to create magical videos. Our goal is to create the next 10 million young and energetic superstar creators to become viral sensations with their Bollywood quality Filmis. We aim to make short videos magical again!”

Rizzle creators who tried Filmi on the beta version of the app were blown away! Here’s what they had to say about it:

Dancer Pragya Shrestha, states: “Filmi is like Bollywood tadka! It spices up my videos in a snap. I don’t have to worry about editing at all, and all my focus remains on my first love- dance!”

Namrata Gupta adds,  “When I watch Bollywood music videos, I’m always blown away by the effects and wonder how they are achieved. Now, the world can be blown away by my Filmi(s)!”


Choreographer and fitness trainer Nainesh D Kansara, mentions, “I’ve discovered the secret sauce to video virality: It is Rizzle’s Filmi! I swear by it!”

The team behind Filmi is optimistic about its potential and is confident that creators will love the feature. Rizzle continues to amaze its users with innovative tools that make creation effortless and gratifying. Last month it launched Rimix and Templates that are both proving to be very popular among content creators. Rizzle aims to continue this streak of high-key innovation in the future by churning out game-changing features.

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