Monday, May 17, 2021

NephroPlus scales up operation across 120 centres in India to help COVID-19 patients receive dialysis

Mumbai, May 17 2021 – NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis care network and a trailblazer in redefining dialysis care in the country, is proud to announce its continued commitment by scaling up its operations of providing dialysis to COVID positive patients across 120+ centres in 90 cities. Through this initiative, NephroPlus aims to help dialysis patients with COVID-19, to obtain timely dialysis care across the centres through in-hospital dialysis sessions or its specialized service offerings ‘Dialysis on Wheel’ (DOW) and ‘Dialysis on Call’ (DOC).  

The service is fully functional across all the units as the brand has created dedicated facilities to provide dialysis service to COVID positive patients, either in isolation at the OPD units or in the IP/ICUs. Apart from this, NephroPlus has made special provisions to offer dialysis services at the OPD units of the hospitals during the night hours (3rd & 4th Shift).  

To ensure that quality does not get hampered, the company has additionally hired skilled technicians across all its centres to cater to the increasing number of COVID-positive patients who need dialysis care. As per records, over the last one and a half month, NephroPlus has provided dialysis to over 512 patients and is currently providing its services to over 50 COVID-19 patients in each centre daily. 

Speaking about this, Mr. Vikram Vuppala, Founder and CEO of NephroPlus said, “NephroPlus has always been at the forefront when it comes to helping our guests with quality dialysis care. During these tough times, as a leading dialysis provider in the country, we take responsibility to provide all dialysis patients with quality care and ensure they receive timely services, irrespective of the location (at home or in the hospital). I am extremely happy to cater to the needs of people undergoing dialysis and help them battle this situation with ease.” 

Adding to this, Kamal D Shah, Co-Founder & Director of Guest Services, NephroPlus says, “Providing access to chronic kidney patients over 120+ locations has allowed us to serve so many of our guests in fully converted COVID facilities. Keeping in mind the growing number of COVID-19 people in India who need dialysis service, we firmly decided to launch these dedicated dialysis treatment centres. We are extremely happy to expand our service in the country, as it allows us to reach out to more and more patients in India.”

About NephroPlus:

NephroPlus operates 250 dialysis centers in 150 cities across 4 countries and is known for its quality focus and patient-centricity. The company was established 11 years back with a vision to enable people on dialysis across the world to lead long, happy, and productive lives. The company treats 18,000+ patients per month and has performed 60+ Lakh dialysis treatments to date. For further information:

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