Wednesday, May 12, 2021

CSE's Renewable Energy Toolkit for Students, Teachers, Families and Communities


spacerCSE’s new release: A unique information toolkit on Renewable Energy (RE)

We are pleased to bring you the latest information product from Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) and its Green Schools Programme (GSP) -- a one-of-its-kind activity set based on the theme ‘Renewable energy (RE) and its sources’.

Renewable energy is one of the key pathways towards a sustainable, environment-friendly future for our Planet. An understanding of RE is, therefore, crucial for everyone – children and adults, students and teachers, families and communities.

CSE’s new activity set or toolkit comes in an attractive coloured box, which contains interesting and informative board games, activity sheets, fun quizzes etc, along with a guide on how to use the toolkit. Every piece of content in it has been designed by experts to help us clearly understand the concepts of renewable energy, with activities based on real-life situations and experiences. The toolkit is perfect for keeping children engaged productively at home during lockdowns.

What’s inside the toolkit:
  • Carbon Copy: An activity to learn about different types of energy sources, types of fuels, and good energy-efficient alternatives/practices
  • Energy Exhibit: A jigsaw puzzle to understand different sources of RE.
  • Energy Fun Quiz: A quiz to help you take initiatives to become sustainable energy managers.  
  • GSP’s Trivia: Essential facts and questions on the subject
  • Energy Managers: A Board Game to underline the importance and use of renewable energy sources in our daily lives
  • Make-your-own Solar-powered Fairy Lights: A hands-on activity sheet to put together solar powered appliances.
  • Mind Your Steps: A Board Game on renewables vs fossil fuels

DTE dairyTo know more about the toolkit, or to place an order, simply click on the image here. Alternatively, you can send the remittance through multicity cheque drawn in favour of “Centre for Science and Environment”.


Place your order before May 31, 2021 and get an inaugural discount of Rs 150, in addition to free Registered Parcel delivery.

Look forward to servicing your order soon.

With warm wishes,

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Centre for Science and Environment
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