Monday, May 10, 2021

AIMA's Online MDP - Simulation Based Business Acumen Workshop (May 2021)

The World is a different place and we live in a business environment which is increasingly complex and uncertain.


While on one hand it is challenging but on the other it provides opportunities to organisations that has “Solution-providers” instead of Managers.


In it endeavors to offer new tools of Simulated Learning and deep organizational understanding to attain strong business acumen and be ready to embrace disruption as opportunities, AIMA has come up with an Online Management Development Program. Our Simulation based MDP has been designed to make the learning process of sharpening business acumen, especially in the Indian context, interactive and fun oriented. It helps to infuse business acumen and leadership qualities in the budding managers of tomorrow. 


AIMA Business Acumen Workshop recreates real life business environment in a virtual game. Participants are put in charge of companies, which compete against each other in a series of simulated rounds. Detailed analysis is provided at the end of each simulation round, which helps the participants improve on their decisions for the next round. The idea is to make them realize critical business issues across functional spectrum of business and find solutions to these problems.


These are the primary objectives of the program from a business specific context in India

  • Understanding financial impact of decisions: How do Company’s top line, bottom line and cost structure change as a result of business decisions?
  • Breaking functional silos: How does a decision taken by one functional team change the strategy/objectives of other departments?
  • Appreciation of Competitive Strategy: How can a company create competitive advantage over others in the industry? How can companies pre-empt a competitor’s strategy?

The learning is aimed across all levels of management. It is most suitable for people who are either in decision making roles or are identified by the organization to be in that position in the coming years.


AIMA’s Simulation Based Business Acumen Workshop would be held Online on 28th – 29th May, 2021.

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