Friday, May 14, 2021

"The Road", a Malayalam crime thriller set to release on world's first cinema marketplace ABC (All Bout Cinema) Talkies


Synopsis: The car of Vishwanathan who stays in Thrissur was lying in Police Headquarters in Thiruvananthapuram. Driver Manju goes to Thiruvananthapuram to bring the car to Thrissur. At night, the car is converted into an illegal taxi. Three ladies of different ages enter the car as passengers. Their friendship didn't last long. A Tamilian named Azhakan was needed to bring about some awareness.

Title: The Road
Director and Producer: Rasheed Moideen
Cast:  Anu Varghese, Shreyaraj, Saurabhi Prem, Rinaz Yahiya and 170 new faces (Experimental Movie)
Worldwide Release  Date: 14th May, 2021 
Streaming Platform: ABC Talkies
Language: Malayalam with English subtitles

About ABC Talkies: ABC (All Bout Cinema) Talkies is a Film- tech start-up launched in February 2021 by a group of  professionals from diverse backgrounds. A concept that started developing as a lockdown pursuit,  ABC Talkies describes itself as World’s First Cinema Marketplace.
A one of its kind venture in the country, it is a free trade marketplace for cinema and filmmakers to  thrive. It is the first online marketplace where filmmakers are free to showcase their work of art and  in the process monetize it. ABC Talkies not only aims in providing a digital platform for filmmakers  from independent, amateur and brand new filmmakers where they can showcase and monetize their  work but also assists them in marketing and promoting their creations. The idea to match talent of  unreleased movies and make it easy for film projects to see the light of the day.  
A versatile, analytical and connected marketplace, its mission is to transform the way people make  and watch movies. ABC Talkies intends to bring about a cinematic revolution by allowing talents to  transition into the digital world seamlessly.  
ABC Talkies is also keen on fostering talents from tier 2 cities, smaller towns and states where  opportunities for filmmakers are otherwise few and far between.  

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