Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mission Annapurna continues with fervour



For the urban poor, the pandemic has meant further unemployment, food insecurity and indebtedness. With factories and offices shut following the protocol of the lockdown, many have emerged jobless leading to further consequences including affording basic food. Urbanity demands that we make an effort to eradicate the most basic requisite – ‘hunger’ and adopt a strategy to feed those in distress.


Alumni Association of JDBI Kolkata affiliated to Jadavpur University along with students, faculty and staffs has joined hands in accomplish Mission Annapurna to feed the underprivileged during these difficult days. Representatives from the college are visiting nearby slum areas regularly to serve hot, nutritious and fresh food to the poor and needy. The nutritious meals are prepared hygienically and assured of quality across the distribution and supply chain. A van has been mobilized for the purpose of distribution which travels to various locations in the city and students and staff distribute freshly cooked food to over 300 people, daily in their respective areas. For this a sum of over 2 lakh rupees has been raised by them.  

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