Friday, June 25, 2021

Godfrey Phillips India ranks in Top 30 Best Companies to Work For – 2021

Mumbai, June 25, 2021: Godfrey Phillips India bags the coveted title of Best Companies to Work For 2021. Participating for the third year, Godfrey Phillips India received a ranking of 28th this year.

The recognition by Great Places to Work (GPTW), that ranks companies worldwide on outstanding people practices and workplace cultures, is a validation of the dynamic culture of Godfrey Phillips that stands on the pillars of respect, transparency, collaboration, empowerment and passion for winning.

Godfrey Phillips takes pride in its ‘People First’ philosophy that lies at the core of all business decisions. This fundamental value served the Company well through the two waves of pandemic and lockdowns as the Company emerged with not only with all its employees secure but achieved great business results. The GPTW ranking validates the forward thinking best practices that the Company has advocated and established over many years; which include the Bottom Up approach that nurtures empowerment at all level, allows risk taking and learning from failures, encourages training, upskilling and development programs. Company is also recognized for a host of admirable benefits that include a much appreciated medical support for employees and their families. The pandemic allowed the Company to enjoy the fruits of the effort as employees exhibited high engagement and innovative solution orientation that reflects in business results. Godfrey Phillips also propagates consistent communication with emphasis on emotional connect with employees.    


Dr Bina Modi, President & Managing Director of Godfrey Phillips India shared her delight at the news. “The biggest test of humanity has been the pandemic. I believe that an intrinsic human strength emerges in a crisis that is almost superhuman.  We strove to harness that strength, that power. It was this strength that helped us override the business challenges. We left no stone unturned to ensure humanity, empathy, security and care for our employees and they reciprocates with positivity. Best Companies to Work For recognition is a rewarding validation of our value system - a company that has our employees at the core of our all business decisions.”


Bhisham Wadhera, CEO, Godfrey Phillips India Limited, shared “I have always called myself the Chief Empowerment Officer. Our philosophy of ‘People First’ is a value that is driven down right from our promoters to leadership to the last mile. We constantly endeavor to listen, to trust, to connect, to provide autonomy and encourage learning from failures; I believe these practices has help us overcome the biggest challenge of the century. Being recognized by GPTW year on year encourages us to stay firm on our fundamentals.”


Sharad Aggarwal, COO, Godfrey Phillips, commented “The recognition is a validation of our substantial efforts on a culture that is supportive, empathetic and empowering. We are proud to be ‘OneGPI’ – a term coined by our own employees and what truly reflects who we are; a strong and unified family. The pandemic tested all organizations and I believe we came out victorious as our focus on safety, empathy and support of employees resonated with every individual. We set high benchmarks for ourselves year on year and we take pride in reaching them. “


Rajesh Mehrotra, CHRO, Godfrey Phillips India Limited, said, “Receiving the Best Companies to Work for recognition third year in a row is truly an honour.  Strong cultures are tested best during a crisis and we are proud that we not only emerged relatively unscathed but also proved that we are united in our purpose. We credit this to our consistent effort at ensuring emotional and physical security and encouraging ownership through empowerment. We saw our people focussed, engaged and strong through the worst of the times because they knew we had their back. We are proud to be that kind of organisation, a family you can depend on.  ”


Great Place to Work® is the global authority in creating, assessing and identifying the Best Workplaces world over. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking and planning actions to strengthen their workplace culture. In India, more than 850 organizations applied to Great Place to Work® Institute to undertake the assessment this year. Every year, Great Place to Work® appreciates and applauds the effort of 100 Best organizations that have created and sustained a great workplace culture. India’s Best Companies to Work For is the most prestigious and the most credible employer brand recognition in the country.


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