Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Xentrix Studios expands to Australia with acquisition of Victoria’s leading animation house, Viskatoons

National, June 22, 2021: Xentrix Studios, one of India’s leading animation houses today announced its expansion to Australia with the launch of Xentrix Studios Australia in Melbourne and the acquisition of Viskatoons, Victoria’s longest running animation house.

Xentrix Studios Australia will be headed by well-known and respected animation industry leader, Peter Viska, with Ken Cantrill, Melbourne based Marketing Specialist and Content Creator, appointed Head of Creative. Employing over 1400 staff, Xentrix Studios has been servicing industry giants like Marvel, Disney and Warner Bros through its studios in India, Philippines, Canada, Singapore and the new studio in Melbourne, Australia is in continuation of its plans to create and produce globally. Launched on June 3, 2021, Xentrix Studios Austraila has exciting plans for the Australian animation sector.

“I believe this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the Xentrix brand! When Mr Cantrill pitched his vision for Xentrix Studios Australia to me early this year, I could immediately see the value in it.

The Xentrix brand is very progressive and is all about the long-term vision. Personally, with the full support of the Xentrix brand and our strong foothold within the global animation industry, I’m looking forward to seeing this new entity flourish. Both Ken and I have been discussing this opportunity for some time now and 2021 has seen us entering into a win/win collaboration. What Peter and Ken brings to the table is unique content, something that the Xentrix brand has been seeking. We are very excited about our new Australian partnership,” said Nandish Domlur, Chairman & CEO, Xentrix Studios.

“Exciting times are ahead for the entire Xentrix Group. The media industry in its current climate is

very competitive and crowded at the top. This partnership provides a unique opportunity to look

outside the square. Additionally and equally as important, it places Melbourne on the world

animation stage and showcases what we have to offer. I’m grateful that Mr Domlur has connected

with my long-term plan,” said Ken Cantrill, Head of Creative, Xentrix Studios Australia.

A major step to the launch of Xentrix Studios Australia is the acquisition of Viskatoons, Victoria’s

longest running animation house which has worked closely with organisations such as Film Victoria,

Film Finance Corporation and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation producing high end

animated series for the likes of Network 10 and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The

Viskatoons reputation is synonymous with humour, originality and quality. Over the past 30 years,

Viskatoons has developed and produced an extensive library of quality content and IP such as Jar

Dwellers SOS, which is now into its second series. Xentrix Studios Australia will acquire and

continue to development selected IP for international sale.

“Having the backing and support of Xentrix will boost our domestic industry and continue our

practise of promoting local artists, animators, writers, directors and concept creators to the global

stage. In these difficult Covid times I congratulate Ken Cantrill and Nandish Domlur who have worked

tirelessly to bring this amalgamation to fruition.” Peter Viska, Executive Producer, Viskatoons

“It’s evident that Viskatoons has been a prolific contributor to the Australian animation sector over

a long period of time. This is testament to Peter’s reputation and professionalism, and it is with great

pleasure that we, here at Xentrix, partner with Peter Viska and his team on this new chapter.

Xentrix Studios and Xentrix Studios Australia will continue to pay homage to the Viskatoons legacy.

This partnership is a wonderful opportunity for both parties involved,” said Nandish Domlur,

Chairman & CEO, Xentrix Studios.



Peter Viska has been a major part of the Australian animation industry for over 30 years, where he

has kept abreast of technology to be an original content creator for global television networks,

international advertising agencies, and local networks. As a designer and writer specializing in

Children’s TV, he weaves his zany humor and irreverence into diverse shows that have entertained

young audiences for decades. He created The Hedge and Mr. Snip, The Greatest Tune on Earth, and

The Cure. Credits also include Director and Executive Producer “Jar Dwellers SOS”, MonsterChef,

Suspect Moustache and Li'l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers.


Freelance marketing specialist, Ken Cantrill, has been appointed, Head of Creative at Xentrix

Studios, Australia. Complimented by his degree in Marketing and Brand Development, Ken’s

background has seen him accumulate a wealth of knowledge in both the marketing and IP creation

sectors. He possesses a unique ability to identify opportunities within the media sector which now

sees him working with major organisations such as the World Futsal Federation and the Australian

Federation of Australia Futsal. Ken will be responsible for expanding the Xentrix brand into content

creation, encompassing

both traditional and digital media. His passion has always been creating something from nothing.


Nandish Domlur, promoter of Xentrix and a cardiac surgeon by profession, has spent 15+ years in

digital content services business, as a preferred vendor to several leading international animation

studios. Founded Paprikaas in 2001, a digital content services studio with a motley group of 12

passionate and creative artists, including key members of Xentrix founding team and scaled it to be

the premier studio in India with about 900 artists. Under his leadership, Paprikaas was ranked among

the top 100 companies in India by the Red Herring Magazine.

Initially formed a joint venture and then eventually sold Paprikaas to Technicolor, leading global

provider of production, post production and distribution services to content creators and


During the Paprikaas venture and later with Xentrix, developed an extensive network among

international animation studios and distribution houses, with key relationships in Warner Brothers,

Disney, Universal Studios, Marvel, Lego, Nickelodeon, Dreamworks Animations, Viacom Group

among others.

About Global Victoria

Global Victoria is the State Government of Victoria, Australia's premier trade facilitation agency and

gateway to global economies and communities. With an international network of 23 Victorian

Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) offices in key export markets, it supports the

Government’s broader economic, social, and sustainability objectives by pursuing strategic

partnerships for Victoria. The two offices in India (Bengaluru and Mumbai) play a vital role in the

facilitation of trade and investment and develop stronger people-to-people links and institutional ties

across sectors.

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For further details on the announcement contact:

Ken Cantrill, Head of Creative, Xentrix Studio Australia, kcantrill@xentrixstudios.com

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