Monday, June 21, 2021

MIPL develops Lifeline Communicable Disease Management Suite

An innovative tech-based solution for healthcare providers to improve efficacy during a pandemic

Mumbai, 21st June 2021: Manorama Infosolutions Pvt Ltd (MIPL), which is a True Healthcare Digital Transformation Company, has recently developed a specially curated Lifeline Communicable Disease Management Suite to solve/address the challenges faced by healthcare providers, administrators, and government in a pandemic situation. The technology populates and represents real-time bed management access, data monitoring and tracking of abnormal vitals of patient’s statistics in hospitals, telemedicine assistance for the home-quarantined, and other clinical statistics to decision-makers and administrators of districts.

In the past three months, MIPL has extended their support to about 55-60-plus healthcare providers, which include Corona Care Centers (CCCs), PHC - Primary Health Centers (PHCs), Institutional Quarantine (IQ), Dedicated Covid Hospitals (DCHs), and Dedicated Covid Health Centers (DCHC). MIPL has forged partnerships with 64 government-run hospitals and 74 private-run hospitals in India, out of which 90% and 70% are effectively using this solution to increase efficiency in handling day-to-day operations respectively.  

While sharing information about the solution, Ms. Ashvini Danigond, Founder & CEO of Manorama Infosolutions said, “Our Lifeline Communicable Disease Management Suite remains groundbreaking as it extends data convergence across multi-mode interventions related to Covid-19 management. The numbers speak for themselves to highlight the success rate achieved in a short period when it comes to streamlining the fight against Covid-19. Rapid technological adoption remains the way forward. We are receiving a significant number of queries from the western and central regions of India and we are sure that our product will be able to assist the administrators to navigate this crisis in a far more structured and organized way than before."

MIPL has 20+ operational port of entries for citizen registrations, 85+ public and private COVID-19 centers running on single platform, 2.5 lakhs + citizen and patient registrations, real time bed availability to citizens and secured telemedicine facility.

For instance, in Kolhapur District administrators have also implemented the solution at areas such as Port of entries, quarantine centers, and dedicated Covid-19 hospitals successfully which has subsequently provided detailed analytics of various parameters related to Covid-19 cases in the district and helped them tackle the situation better.

 “Operational efficiency at public and private health centers has increased by more than 40% as earlier there was no solution in place to control the pandemic,” affirms Ms. Danigond

Mr. Bhausaheb Galande, Resident Deputy Collector, Kolhapur District Administration, said, "The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore unconventional healthcare services such as telemedicine, remote monitoring of Covid-19 patients and home-based healthcare services, among others which helped us in home-based healthcare and in effective contact tracing. The Communicable Disease Management Solutions that MIPL offers aid in citizen record capture at Port of the Entry, Pandemic Administration and War rooms, Contact Tracing, Last mile Vaccine Management, Teleconsultation Solution and Covid-19 Hospitals and Quarantine Centre Pandemic Solution. The solution is running in war-room with all required data on a fingertip. It is crucial that stakeholders such as the government, local authorities, communities, medical fraternity and technology-driven healthcare brands join hands and formulate a long-term strategic plan. This remains the need of the hour."

While sharing his experience, Dr. S. S. More (MD Pediatrics), Dean, Rajarshee Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Government Medical College and CPR Hospital, Kolhapur, said, “The Covid-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge for the entire healthcare system. MIPL Lifeline Communicable Disease Management Suite enables end-to-end automated workflow management with pre-defined Covid-19 form. It offers an integrated bed management solution, pandemic-related analytics, and the ability to integrate with other third-party portals. The solution also helped us in capturing the essential data and generates the necessary statistical reports for submission resulted in complete removal of clerical work at the healthcare facilities. The solution provides an effective health response framework to minimise transmissibility, morbidity, and mortality associated with the pandemic and its impacts on the health sector and community.”

MIPL remains committed to the cause of improving the healthcare ecosystem by extending cutting-edge solutions, which can be customised as per the needs of a care provider.

About Manorama Infosolutions Pvt Ltd (MIPL)
Manorama Infosolutions Pvt Ltd is a True Healthcare Digital Transformation Company. It is a pioneer in facilitating solutions such as Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), General and Specialty Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Telemedicine and Insurance IT Platforms for National Health Programs, Corporate Hospitals and Department of Health of various countries, including APAC, Middle East, Africa, and India. MIPL is engaged in some cutting-edge projects such as Smart City Projects, Country Automations, Universal Health Coverage, Public Health. Telemedicine and Pandemic Management. With over 19 years of proven track record in the digital healthcare space, MIPL has been instrumental in leveraging company innovations to transform healthcare. MIPL's Lifeline Telemedicine Suite provides a single platform for real-time integrated clinical workflows with audio-video capability. This solution also incorporates the virtual qualitative and quantitative patient interactions via the operational and business workflows. 

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