Friday, July 10, 2020

Two Olive Ridley turtles rescued by Drishti lifeguards at Versova Beach

Mumbai, 10th July 2020:
Drishti lifeguards deployed at Versona beach today rescued two large Olive Ridley turtles in separate incidents this morning.

While the beach cleaning team informed lifeguard supervisor Amol Nanavar about one stuck in fishing nets, a second was spotted by lifeguard Nikhil Bhanji while on patrol, wedged between rocks, sadly with damaged and missing flippers.

Both were taken immediately to the Forest officials office on site and have been handed over for medical care.
The nets in which the marine mammals get entangled are commonly called ghost nets. Ghost nets are fishing nets that have been left or lost in the ocean by fishermen. These nets are hazardous to turtles and other marine life as they continue to actively catch fish, sea snakes, cetaceans, turtles and other marine animals.
Sea turtles are air breathing reptiles. The weight of a net may hold them back and not allow them to surface. An added load also slows them down.

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