Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Banking during floods in Assam


Mumbai: Villages of many districts in Assam are presently submerged in the ravaging floods of a furious Brahmaputra. The poor villagers have no access to any kind of service and have run out of cash to buy even things of most basic requirements.


In these difficult times, Mr. Kashem Ali, A Customer Service provider of PayPoint India, has been rendering yeoman service silently, in his own small but innovative way, in Barpeta District of Assam. Every morning, he sails on a local boat with his laptop, dongle for internet connectivity, fingerprint scanner, basic printer, etc. for over 6 kilometers in the dangerous and fast flowing waters of the overflowing Brahmaputra to provide banking service to 7 villages.


As PayPoint India delivers banking service in alliance with SBI, Mr. Kashem Ali is able to provide all the basic banking services, including withdrawal of funds from the accounts of other banks also. He has been providing this service daily, putting his own life to great risk, to over 2,200 residents of these small and inundated villages at a time when the villagers have no other means to access their own money lying in their accounts.


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About PayPoint

PayPoint is a technology-enabled Distribution network of Financial Services. The company's digitally connected network of 42000+ offline stores offers various Financial services like Banking(PMJDY accounts), micro ATM services, Wallets (Paypointz), Remittances, Bill payments, insurance, Merchant QR and many more. Apart from Financial services, PayPoint also offers consumer services to the underserved like Travel booking, Recharges, Amazon assisted shopping, Gift Cards, etc. through its strong network of retail stores spread across the country. Company’s retailer-driven assisted model  helps customers make an informed decision for availing services from their trained partners and its digital platform. They also sell, small ticket size insurances through these retail outlets. PayPoint offers a bouquet of services through its plug-and-play platform. More than 100 Services providers are plugged into the company's system and interacts with them on a real-time basis catering to more than 4 million customers month on month. The primary objective is to bridge the financial inclusion gap between developed urban India and under-served rural India.

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