Thursday, July 30, 2020

Is your skin ready to lead the new normal life? Stay #Skinfit with Medimix 'Fast-Acting Ayurveda’

The new campaign outlines the idea of getting your skin ready for the new normal of life and the outside world high in germs and pollution.


Mumbai, 30th July 2020: With a powerful message 'Ab har situation ke liye skin fit bane' (’Get #SkinFit for any situation’), Medimix launches its new social media campaign to highlight the importance of staying #Skinfit in the Post-Covid era, where people are ready to step out and ensure complete protection of their skin from harsh environmental conditions. While the campaign acknowledges the new world order post the pandemic, it takes this opportunity to reinforce the importance of intense skin protection with Medimix 'Fast-Acting Ayurveda’ soap that combines the nature’s finest 18 herbs, guaranteeing a fit skin for any situation. The campaign was conceptualized by one among the most renowned advertising agencies, Leo Burnett.


Commenting on the campaign Mr. Pradeep Cholayil – Chairman and Managing Director, Cholayil said, “Our range of Ayurvedic products have stood the test of time as one of the country’s trusted Ayurvedic personal care brand.  We believe this is the best time to seek protection from nature when people are ready to go outside to lead the new normal life. The soap featuring in the film is made of nature’s 18 finest herbs that give superior skin benefits not just protection but making your skin glowing and blemish free. The campaign was conceptualised to reinforce the idea of keeping your skin safe & fit not just indoors but also outdoors when it will be exposed to germs, dust and pollution.”


Mr. Ashish Ohlyan’s, Head of Marketing, Cholayil Pvt. Ltd. said, “ Most of us have remained inside the house for a long time now and our bodies and skin get accustomed to the environment. Now that the world has started opening up suddenly we will be exposed to the harsh weather conditions outside of our homes. We just don’t need to prepare ourselves but our skin also as it is the first line of defence against the outside world. The campaign captures the consumer behaviour that people are witnessing right now and how our 18 herbs soap that is enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda helps skin to be protected and look glowing. Its highly positive communication capturing the mood of the nation and inspiring people to go out and lead a normal life.”


“This pandemic has definitely heightened the awareness and benefits of Ayurveda. There is nothing better than natural remedies to help prepare your body and mind to stay healthy, active and fit. Quite literally, the same logic applies to your skin as well, a part of your body that is often overlooked. The 4 months of lockdown meant minimum exposure to sunlight and pollution for our skin. But as the world around us slowly gets back out in the new normal, we will need to prepare our body and skin for everything life throws at us. Our latest campaign steps in at the right moment and conveys the message of being ‘Skinfit with Fast acting Ayurveda’ and encourages everyone to embrace the new changes with confidence and a good amount of preparedness.” – comments Mr. Sachin Kamble, National Creative Director, Leo Burnett India.

Link of the campaign:

Credit list:



Sachin Kamble (NCD)

Prajato Guha (NCD)

Archit Gadiyar (AECD)

Shivani Gairola (Sr. Copywriter)

Vinit Sanghvi (Sr. CD)

Sayan Sengupta (ACD)

Ashwini Kerkar (Art Director)

Suyashi Mathur (Copywriter)


Account Management

Ashima Mehra (Sr. VP)

Govind Agarwal (AVP)

Pradeep Mistry (Brand director)



Shibani Mitra (Brand Strategy partner)

Vishana Devnani (Brand director)


Director : Pooja Khemani



About Cholayil Private Limited:

Cholayil Private Limited tradition was established in the 18th century, by one of India’s most respected families rooted in the tradition of Ayurveda. A company that turned to nature for inspiration, soon turned into a household name in India. The flagship brand MEDIMIX, emerged in 1969 under the guidance of Late Dr. V.P. Sidhan. Today, Cholayil Private Limited stands tall as one of the country’s trusted Ayurvedic personal care companies with a successful portfolio of Medimix, Cuticura, Krishna Thulasi, Sadayush Ayurvedic Cure & Care, Dr.Sidhan’s Herbal Formulation and Jullaaha (handcrafted exotic Ayurvedic products). The company currently is led by second-generation entrepreneur Mr. Pradeep Cholayil, and has won many prestigious awards including ‘Medimix’ as No.1 in the ‘Ayurvedic Soap Category’ in 2014, by Brand Equity. Cholayil Private Limited also has a strong foothold overseas in countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, China, France, Singapore, Germany, Cambodia, South Korea, Guatemala, Sweden, Yemen, U.S.A, Hong Kong, Mauritius and Japan!


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