Saturday, July 4, 2020

OnePlus TV U Series and OnePlus TV Y Series Launched in India

OnePlus expands smart TV portfolio with premium, affordable OnePlus TV U Series 55 inch and OnePlus TV Y Series 43 inch and 32 inch, priced at INR 49,999, INR 22,999 and INR 12,999 respectively

2nd July 2020, New Delhi: OnePlus, the global technology brand, unveiled today two smart TV series that bring the premium OnePlus experience to a more affordable price range. The launch of the OnePlus TV U Series and Y Series showcases OnePlus’ focus on creating beautifully designed, high quality products together with its community. The new smart TVs offer a more connected ecosystem, seamlessly integrating into the home networks of a wider range of users.

“The expansion of the OnePlus TV product portfolio is an important step forward for us and is aligned with our vision to build an accessible connected ecosystem. With the launch of the two new smart TV series, we aim to better bring premium technology to more homes in India by making high quality products more accessible across new price segments,” said Pete Lau, Founder and CEO of OnePlus. “The OnePlus TV U Series and OnePlus TV Y Series are important leaps in sharing our vision of intelligent connectivity with more users.”

In 2019, OnePlus entered the smart TV industry with the highly acclaimed OnePlus TV Q1 Series, which quickly became the number 1 smart TV in the premium category during the Amazon Great Indian Festival. Today, OnePlus brings its Never Settle mentality to the OnePlus TV U Series and OnePlus TV Y Series, the company’s next step into the connected home market, bringing seamless and intelligent interactions with immersive content consumption into the center of the home.

OnePlus TV U Series

Colorful Display
The 55-inch OnePlus TV U Series comes with legendary picture quality in 4K UHD with an enhanced 93% DCI-P3 color gamut. Watch as your content comes to life before you, with breathtaking sharpness, clarity and vibrant color.

The Gamma Engine takes the experience to a new level of visual perfection with real-time image quality optimization, built to always deliver a smoother, clearer and more immersive viewing experience. It encompasses an extensive suite of features that create a superior visual experience:

·       Advanced motion estimation, motion compensation (MEMC) algorithms elevate video frame rates to intelligently interpolate content, reducing motion blur, stuttering and ghosting so action-packed movies and sports visuals remain smooth and crisp.
·       Noise reduction mitigates image noise without washing out the vivid colors, giving you truer blacks, cleaner whites and an overall higher-quality digital source content.
·       The color space mapping feature reduces color and tonal discrepancies and ensures an accurate depiction of visual content captured in any color space.
·       Dynamic contrast technology automatically detects the input visual signal and adjusts to create optimum contrast, allowing the visuals to appear with better striking tones and balanced colors.
·       The anti-aliasing feature smoothens visuals edges and lines providing a finer, uniform appearance, while guaranteeing a more natural viewing experience.
·       The super resolution feature effectively processes low-resolution images to give you high resolution images while seamlessly filling in subtle visual details that often go unseen.
·       AI Picture Quality also offers the Dynamic Gamma Curve, leveraging facial and scene recognition technologies to automatically adjust sharpness and fine-tune picture quality settings

The OnePlus TV U Series is also equipped with Dolby Vision, a powerful cinematic technology that transforms the TV viewing experience by offering incredible visual detail.

Immersive Sound
Immerse yourself in the rich and multilayered soundstage delivered through the heart-pounding four-unit, 30W speaker setup. With two full-range speakers and two tweeters engaged in a down firing design, the OnePlus TV U Series lets you feel every rocking drum beat and bass pound as if you were at a live concert.

Powered by Dolby Atmos for a cinematic soundstage right at home, OnePlus TV U Series immerses you in your favorite content while enjoying the surreal surround sound experience without missing a single sonic detail.

Burdenless Design
Housing the expansive 55-inch 4K screen of the OnePlus TV U Series is a thin, yet robust aluminum chassis with an ultra-slim design profile of just 6.9mm. An elegant and minimalistic design that sits pristinely on its own, and blends with any interior decor, delivering a burdenless viewing experience.

The OnePlus TV U Series allows you to experience your favorite content with a boundless viewing experience achieved through a bezel-less design and a remarkable screen-to-body ratio of 95%.

Immaculate from every angle, the new OnePlus TV U Series takes advantage of carbon fiber texture to achieve a uniform, clean body design with no visible screws.

Redefining Smart TV Experience
Powered by the familiar and reliable Android TV 9.0 platform, the OnePlus TV U Series is an extension of OnePlus’ flagship excellence. Experience seamless connectivity at home whether you are trying to mirror content on your OnePlus flagship or simply want to browse through the latest trending shows.

The Data Saver Plus feature gives you full control over the OnePlus TV U Series and apps by easily limiting network bandwidth, enabling and disabling background data usage and limiting video resolutions to their own data preferences.

In addition, the OnePlus TV U Series also offers a unique Kids Mode, letting parents more easily monitor and manage the content their children view. They can also control viewing hours with a special "watch time limitation" feature to ensure digital wellness for their children.

Powered by the innovative smart features of the OnePlus Connect app, the OnePlus TV U Series offers you a truly connected smart TV experience. Now you pair the TV with up to five devices at the same time over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and use your smartphone as a remote for a seamless smart TV experience. The smart volume control feature can automatically reduce the volume of your smart TV during incoming calls and return to the previous volume after your call ends. TypeSync transforms your smartphone into a smart remote by letting you type or speak directly into your phone to control your smart TV without having to use the traditional remote.

OnePlus Connect is available on both Google Play and Apple Store.

OnePlus TV Y Series
Premium Viewing
The OnePlus TV Y Series comes in 43-inch and 32-inch variants and also covers 93% DCI-P3 color gamut, which makes for stunning picture quality, dynamic colors and crisp clarity. Users can now watch content come to life with incredible sharpness and an extensive range of color shades.
Equipped with the Gamma Engine, the OnePlus TV Y Series delivers a smoother and more immersive viewing experience in any environment, performing real-time image quality optimizations. Similar to the U Series, the Gamma Engine in the OnePlus TV Y Series also offers several innovative features such as noise reduction, color space mapping, dynamic contrast and anti-aliasing, which enhance picture quality and bring out the most vivid shades of color tones to deliver an unmatched viewing experience. The 43-inch variant comes with FHD viewing, and the 32-inch variant comes equipped with HD viewing. 

Dolby Audio
Powered by Dolby Audio, the OnePlus TV Y Series provides a cinematic soundstage to fully immerse you in your favorite shows, while the surround sound system delivers crisp clarity. With two full-range speakers with total 20W output, the OnePlus TV Y Series is sure to deliver top-quality sound to any household.

Boundless Viewing
Designed to captivate the audience, the bezel-less design of the OnePlus TV Y Series maximizes the display space, creating an immersive viewing experience. The 43-inch variant of the OnePlus TV Y Series offers an impressive screen-to-body ratio at nearly 90% with a bezel-less design to keep you engaged with your visual content. The 32-inch variant also offers an incredible screen-to-body ratio of over 90%.

Complete Smart TV Experience
Similar to the U Series, the OnePlus TV Y Series also brings together Android TV 9.0 and the OnePlus Connect app to provide you with a seamless smart TV experience through a unique mobile user interface.  In addition, both the OnePlus TV U Series and Y Series allow you to control the smart TV with Google Assistant. The new OnePlus TVs are also compatible with Chromecast and DLNA.

OxygenPlay on the OnePlus TV U Series and OnePlus TV Y Series
OxygenPlay is the content discovery platform of OnePlus TV, allowing you to easily access a plethora of content from a variety of content partners. Both the OnePlus TV U Series and Y Series come with the full array of OxygenPlay features, allowing you to spend less time navigating and more time enjoying your favorite content.

With prominent OTT content providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offering international and local content, the OnePlus U Series and Y Series serve as your gateway to a diverse world of movies and series. OnePlus TVs also  offer a dedicated Amazon Prime Video Section, giving users one-touch access to the endless catalogue of Amazon Prime Video content. This feature is available on both the OnePlus TV U Series and Y Series. 

In addition, both the OnePlus TV U Series and Y Series are equipped with a special content calendar feature, allowing you to set reminders or to-do lists to stay ahead of schedule and customize your personal show lists for watching later.

OnePlus TV Product Ninjas – Co-created with the Community
Co-created with the OnePlus TV Product Ninjas, the OnePlus TV U Series and OnePlus TV Y Series echoes the brand’s co-creating spirit and innovates towards creating an array of localized features built together with the community members. For more information on the OnePlus TV Product Ninjas program, please click this link.
After-sales services
·         On purchase, users can now avail the new Unified Delivery Service (UDS) offering, which allows for installation and demo at the time of delivery across 20 cities in India. Also, upon buying the new OnePlus TV, users can schedule their delivery, installation and demo services at their convenience.
·        Users can also download the OnePlus Care app to avail any other services at their convenience.
·        Customers who pre-book the OnePlus TV U Series or Y Series on Amazon can also enjoy two years of extended warranty on their purchase.
Price, Availability and Offers

OnePlus TV U Series 55 inch
INR 49,999
OnePlus TV Y Series 43 inch
INR 22,999
OnePlus TV Y Series 32 inch
INR 12,999
The OnePlus TV Y Series 32 inch will be available starting 5 July, 2020 on The OnePlus TV Y series 43 inch and OnePlus TV U Series 55 inch will be available to customers soon.

Users can avail the following launch offers on the new OnePlus TVs:
·       Up to 12 months no-cost EMI on purchase through all major bank Debit and Credit cards 
·       On purchase of the OnePlus TV 55U1 and 43Y1 on, customers can get an Amazon Echo Dot free. For more details, head over to
·       On purchase of the OnePlus TV 32Y1 on, customers can get the Amazon Echo Dot for just INR 1999. For more details, head over to

About OnePlus India
OnePlus is a global mobile technology company challenging conventional concepts of technology. Created around the ‘Never Settle’ mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices with premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives on cultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users and fans. For more information, please visit
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