Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Milind Soman’s Transformation Series announces session on Mental Health

Milind Soman’s Transformation Series announces  session on Mental Health 

New Delhi, 9th July, 2020: Following the conclusion of the first session on “Physical Fitness” Transformation Series 2020 is all set for its second session on Mental Health.

The session will focus on distinguishing between Mental Health and Mental Illness and the understanding that every individual has a mental health to take care of just the way the individual has a physical health to look after. While emphasizing on what the term mental health actually means it will touch upon the mind’s ability to respond and adapt to situations in life and explain the possibility of having a poor mental health without mental illness and also how it’s entirely possible to have good mental health even with a diagnosis of a mental illness.

The participants will also be given an understanding on the faculties of our mind like prioritization, focus, concentration and the need to strengthen and protect them so that people can make the right choices to adapt to any situation and challenge. 

The panel comprises of Abhinav Bindra, Entrepreneur and India’s First Individual Olympic Gold MedallistClare Allan, Author and Mental Health Commentator from the UK, CDR Abhilash Tomy, Indian Navy Officer and Ocean Sailor who’s also the first Indian and the second Asian to complete the solo non-stop circumnavigation of the globe and Gaur Gopal Das, an International Life Coach and Former Electrical Engineer and Ex- Hewlett Packard employee who decided to upgrade his career to be a life coach. 

Each speaker will bring to the conversation their personal mental well-being experiences that will allow participants to introspect and understand the importance of nurturing and attending to their mental health as much as their physical health. 

Transformation Series 2020 is an interactive platform for real-time conversations between the speakers and the participants that will drive the necessary changes for a lasting positive impact. 
The four-part E-talk series is spread across 3 months with a fortnightly session to address the question of how to recover and reset at the right pace. Each session will witness off-the-beaten track speakers sharing unconventional life-hacks on how one can adapt to new situations in a practical manner. Using global perspectives and personal experiences they will reinforce confidence and trust in the minds of attendees by helping them with answers and solutions to implement while dealing with unforeseen or stressful scenarios. 
The sessions will explore topics around physical fitness, immunity, mental wellness, relationships, nutrition & lifestyle providing unusual responses with amazing benefits that have been successfully applied.  

BookMyShow is the official ticketing partner for the series. Attendees can register for their participation through the BookMyShow portal or via zoom registration platform.
The cost of registration is Rs. 1150 + GST per attendee per session. For corporate bookings or group bookings of more than 10 people from the same group / organization, 10% discount is being offered.
The session is scheduled for Wednesday, 15th July 2020, 11:30 am – 1 pm IST.
PHYSICAL FITNESS – 30th June 2020
MENTAL HEALTH - 15th July 2020
NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE – 04th August 2020
ADAPTING THE NEW NORMAL – 19th August 2020

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