Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Mainstreet Marketplace: A Stock Market For Shoes

Mainstreet Marketplace is a sneaker resale store focused on the niche of the luxury market in the opulent indent of our country. Filling a gap that seems to lag behind the WEST, Mainstreet focuses on providing up-to-the-minute, premium items to the category of individuals interested in the exclusive sneaker, apparel and accessory market.

The founder of Mainstreet mainly focuses on the generation of awareness about the expanse he sits in
today. Vedant Lamba (21) originally from Pune, a propagator of ‘cool’, sits at the helm of this brand,
guiding it towards influential connects and profitable results. Seeking to gain exposure in the space of
young minds interested in limited ranges of sneakers, and in being a part of a community of like-minded individuals with the same interests is what Mainstreet aims toward. The whole system works on the idea of rotation; circulating limited edition items that various individuals have an interest in purchasing. So you buy something, wear it for a while, then you could sell it and get something else, all through their store platform.

A fair amount of the products are lightly used, or brand new designated ‘deadstock’. The outcome:
especially in the case of one-off sneaker drops, these products are few and far between, almost always one of a kind, and sometimes available at best, in just one size.

They offer a wide range of highly expensive, exclusive, limited-edition items from brands that are not
easily accessible. Brands like Off-white, Supreme, Balenciaga, Nike x Off-white collaborations, Adidas Yeezy, Anti-Social Social Club, and a lot more are a part of their usual offerings. Now, you have a physical space, not just a digital platform to buy and sell your favorite items.

Mainstreet started out in Pune, fresh minds looking to make a name in a big space, filling a void in the market we call ‘luxury coinciding with street wear’. Their drive and intuition moved them to the Mumbai market, where the exposure could be felt a lot more strongly than in Pune. Now, they are able to collaborate with the right influential voices in this expanse, in turn enabling them to make noise about their brand- which reaches the ears that want to listen. These collaborations are regularly updated on their YouTube channel (Main Street) and their Instagram handles as well (marketplacebymainstreet, mainstreettv).

Website - https://marketplace.mainstreet.co.in/

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