Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Introducing House of Keerthi Kadire, A Luxury Bridal and Occasion Wear Brand

House of Keerthi Kadire is a contemporary bridal label with modern tailoring. Weaving in inspiration from art, nature and the world around, the designs from Keerthi Kadire offer brides an unsurpassed level of quality and craftsmanship. With cascading silhouettes, dynamic hues and skillfully hand-crafted touches, Keerthi gives expression to every facet of the modern – day bride, combining tradition with contemporary aesthetics. 

A Keerthi Kadire bride is surreal, confident and refined. The pieces are created to reflect the sophistication and beauty of the modern, independent yet classic woman.

The brand takes pride in its refined craftsmanship, plush fabrics and graceful embroideries. It offers a kaleidoscopic explosion of vibrant colours to create hopelessly romantic yet timeless pieces.

The brand recently launched its first collection, Anemone. 


Just as summer  draws to a close, we reminisce about the beauty of Anemone. A symbol of protection against evil and ill wishes. Reminding us of the forsaken or forgotten love and affection. 

It brings back special memories. Our colour palette this season is inspired by feminine jewel tones like aquamarine blues, topaz yellows, rose pinks to deeper hues like emerald greens. The pieces have a sense of release from over structured garments, there is a fine balance of light fabrics with re-imagined detailing. The artistry of creating timeless occasion wear reflects in our design philosophy.

Anemone symbolizes relaxation and serves as a reminder to be present in the moment. An inspiration to various paintings by impressionist painters including Matisse and Monet, our vision for this summer is inspired by the beauty of the flower.

This season we are dreaming of the modern bliss bride who is free-spirited, enjoys every moment, lives the little joys and starts away from chaos, finds her true self and be a wildflower. With light flowy silhouettes, plush fabrics & classic hues she can now pick an outfit that resonates with her.

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