Wednesday, June 10, 2020


First Eicher HD Bus with Volvo’s 5.1L VEDX5 engine
  • Mobile COVID ICU fabricated on Skyline Pro 6016 by a Hyderabad based foundation

June 10, 2020, New Delhi: Eicher Trucks & Buses, part of VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, today introduced all new heavy-duty bus - Skyline Pro 6016. The bus is now available across all markets in India. HD Bus market accounts for over 35% of the industry volume and Skyline Pro 6016 will augment the heavy duty bus offerings in Eicher’s portfolio.
Skyline Pro 6016 marks the introduction of Volvo Group technology based 5.1 litre VEDX5 engine in Eicher’s bus range. The engine delivers best in class performance of 155kW (210 hp) and torque of 825Nm @ 1200 to 1600 rpm. The superior engine design delivers its peak torque at low RPM and sustains the same over a wider RPM range, thus, improving fuel efficiency.

Advanced technology features and quality aggregates ensure Skyline Pro 6016 fulfils and delivers on its ‘Born Smart, Made Reliable’ positioning.Eicher Skyline Pro 6016
• Next-generation VEDX5 Volvo engine based on Selective Catalytic 
Reduction (SCR) technology, 
• Higher Power of 155kW (210hp) and torque of 825Nm @ 1200-1600 RPM
• Intelligent features such as Fuel Coaching and Cruise Control for higher fuel economy 
• Innovative MBooster+ technology for higher fuel economy and optimum engine performance. 
• Robust Domex® chassis for durability

 Skyline Pro 6016 is a highly reliable bus that comes equipped with fuel-efficient Exhaust After-treatment system (EATS), 16.2 T GVW and Volvo Group’s EMS (Engine Management System). It also comes with intelligent features such as engine protection system for better engine life, intelligent driver information system (IDIS 2.0), fuel coaching and cruise control, that improves driving comfort and efficiency. The vehicle has a robust DOMEX® chassis along with safety features like engine exhaust brake and larger pneumatic brakes. Skyline Pro 6016 is available in multiple long wheelbase variants along with an option of light weight 425 litre HDPE fuel tank for optimum performance in long-distance journeys.
The Skyline Pro 6016 is equipped with innovative Mbooster+ technology that enables the driver to switch between Eco+, Eco & Power modes based on road and occupancy conditions for better fuel efficiency. To maximise on-road performance its designed with a flat driver area, sandwich type compact engine hood, a bigger alternator and a larger clutch.

Commenting on the new product, B Srinivas, Sr. Vice President - Bus Sales & Marketing, Strategy, Product Planning, VE Commercial Vehicles said, Eicher Skyline Pro 6016 is the newest addition to our BSVI HD Bus portfolio, a breakthrough product delivering highest power output in its segment. Backed with strong Volvo Group engine platform, modern design along with fuel efficiency-enhancing features like Mbooster+ and Fuel coaching make Skyline Pro 6016 the most profitable choice in heavy duty bus category.”

Eicher Skyline Pro 6016 was recently deployed for a good cause of creating a mobile COVID ICU unit. It was fabricated by the Grace Cancer Foundation, Hyderabad. The mobile unit incorporates medical functions such as an ICU unit, Cancer screening, Mammography, X-ray and sample collection in addition to supporting facilities for ventilators, imaging, tele-radiology, e-ICU, ultrasound and AI-based stratification.

Eicher currently produces a wide range over 150 fully built and bus chassis variants across light, medium and heavy-duty applications. The buses are built at Eicher’s bus manufacturing facility in Baggad, Madhya Pradesh. This state-of-the-art bus body manufacturing facility produces buses for school, staff, route-permit & intercity segments for domestic & international markets.

Eicher Trucks and Buses has the lineage of three decades of operations in India. Adopting the most professional and holistic approach to modernize the Indian trucking industry, their brand philosophy, "Go Pro", promises to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency, higher loading capacity, superior uptime and overall vehicle lifetime profitability. Eicher Trucks and Buses (ETB) is present in the LMD range with a strong presence in the 4.9T-16T truck segment and an ever-increasing market share in 19T-55T heavy duty trucks segment. Eicher Pro Series buses also have a strong presence in the Light and Medium segment along with a leadership in the school bus segment.
VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV) is a joint venture between the Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. In operation since July 2008, the company includes the complete range of Eicher branded trucks and buses, VE Powertrain, Eicher’s components businesses as well as the sales and distribution business of Volvo trucks within India. VECV’s vision is to be recognized as the industry leader driving modernization in commercial transportation in India and the developing world.   

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