Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Cyient launches IDEAthon initiative at the CII Education Summit 2020 for the Start-ups in India

Mumbai, June 29th, 2020: Cyient, a leading digital technology and engineering solutions provider, today launched ‘IDEAthon’ for the start-ups on the theme of “EMPOWERING TOMORROW TOGETHER” through education.

The participants of IDEAthon will have to share a creative idea using virtual reality technology to develop learning solutions focused on the theme "Redefining Education for the Emerging World. The entries close on July 2nd and the winners will be announced on July 4.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Karthikeyan Natarajan, President and COO, Cyient said, “The IDEAthon is a step toward creating an environment conducive to generating new ideas, innovation, and breakthroughs for equality in education.”

How to Participate in Cyient IDEAthon:

  • Work with your start-up team to identify a problem faced in education and examine how it can be improved or solved using an immersive, virtual reality experience.
  • IDEAthon participants will have to conceptualize and storyboard the IDEA and submit a presentation. A team of technology and business experts from Cyient will act as jury to pick the winning idea for the IDEAthon.
  • Once submitted, tweet your submission status to @Cyient and @cii4education with hashtags #EmpoweringTomorrowTogether and #CII4Education.

IDEA submission format:

Create a maximum 3-slide storyboard presentation that includes the following elements:
  • Clear problem statement
  • Vision for improved learning outcome
  • A clear description of the desired virtual environment you want to create or simulate. Feel free to use images, examples, or drawings. Help us to see, hear, and experience your vision!
  • A detailed explanation of the user walkthrough. What experience do you envision for the learner? What tools or equipment would they have access to? Would they work collaboratively or independently? What emotions are you trying to elicit as part of the learning (sight, sound, caution, surprise, celebration, etc.)? What steps, processes, or gamification ideas can the VR application guide them through to ensure the learning is effective? Most importantly, how will your VR application make a lasting impression on the learner for improved retention and outcomes?

The Winners will get to work with Cyient’s virtual reality experts to develop their concept into a virtual reality demonstration.


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