Saturday, June 13, 2020

Apollo Diagnostics Collecting More than 1000 Blood Samples from patient’s home in these tough times

~Apollo diagnostics collect more than 1000 blood samples of patients in last 3 week from their home~

Pune:  While coronavirus positive cases continue to soar in Maharashtra, Apollo Diagnostics has come forward and initiated door-to-door blood sample collection facilities for the needed patients. This service is a boon for patients as they will not have to step out of their house, and the spread of the disease can be controlled.

The Apollo Diagnostics workers giving these services adhere to the safety measures required to keep themselves away from getting infected with the coronavirus. Amid lockdown, the workers also faced many challenges while entering society to collect the samples. Till now more than 1,000 home samples were collected.  

India is reeling under coronavirus. But, health workers are at the frontline when it comes to the battle against COVID-19. While the general population is practicing self-isolation and social distancing, and the entire country is under lockdown,  the health workers are at the helm of dealing with patients and carrying on with their daily duties.

Avinash Shinde,  a phlebotomist, Apollo Diagnostics, Pune  , was turned around by security guards at societies, even after providing ample evidence and proof of identity. He faced humiliation, never refused to take those extra efforts to reach the patient in a place of their convenience for collecting blood samples. Likewise, Shyam Shalivan Dongapure, a Phlebotomist, Pune-MH, and Amol Biradar, a phlebotomist, Pune-MH, made sure that they didn’t turn away from their responsibilities. They also explained people about taking precautions to tackle coronavirus and risk their lives while going to collect blood samples.

While the workers are aware of the difficulties and challenges of the nature of their job, they recognize the need of the hour and have volunteered to be ever-present to serve the need of the people. In times like this, they believe that their individual social responsibility is critical for the functioning and operation of the society. Large sections of our population are afraid and prejudiced against the testing of the virus and have resorted to violent antics.  Workers from Apollo Diagnostics have been courageous even though there is a risk of them being exposed to the virus.

Apollo Diagnostics would like to extend a Vote of Thanks to three of our dedicated workers Sunil Kolekar, Amol Biradar, Shyam Shalivan Dongapure for the service they have provided. Amol Biradar and Shyam Shalivan Dongapure were the first phlebos who volunteered for the collection of samples from COVID-19 positive patients for our organization at Pune, Maharashtra. They have been instrumental in representing the ethos of our organization Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd. We salute the hard work, dedication, and commitment that they have displayed on the field. We show immense gratitude to our volunteer workers who have continued to serve even during times of lockdown.
“I am determined to serve the society in this crisis situation and keep doing so till my last breath. I believe that it is my sole responsibility to discharge my duty with honesty. Yes, there is a risk of getting infected with COVID- 19, but,  I make sure that I follow the protocol, wear masks, gloves, sanitize, practice social distancing, and disinfect from time to time. I will do whatever it takes to help the patients suffering from coronavirus,” concluded Amol Biradar, a phlebotomist, Apollo Diagnostics, Pune, 

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