Friday, November 8, 2019

Reviving the culture of deeper engagement with contemporary art and art-making in India!

After an enriching first session of Projects | Process last month, G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is excited to present the November session of our special monthly series where artists, performers, theatre-makers and designers meet and talk about the significance of the process and its relevance to project-making in contemporary India.

With Projects | Process we bring to you a chance to experience the immersive voyage that artists traverse when creating a work of art. The theme for this month explores ‘Space’. Our speakers will engage with and delve deeper into the presence, absence and creative use of ‘Space’ in their work.

This session brings together an eclectic mix of artistes - Sajid Shaikh (Experimental Visual Artist), Namaha Mazoomdar (dancer, choreographer and theater artist), and Amrita Mahale (writer and aerospace engineer). Moderated by Karanjeet Kaur (writer, journalist and Creative Editor of Arre).

In a world increasingly geared towards instant gratification and quantitative results, we invite you to take a pause and become a part of the transformational journey of rigour, riyaaz and relentless passion that is bound to bring hope, inspiration and rekindle curiosity about the artistic process!

Projects | Process, will be a monthly series as part of our new Season, and we hope it will revive the culture of deeper engagement with contemporary art and art making in India!

When: Wednesday, Nov 13 | 8 PM onward
Where: Black Box, G5A, Mahalaxmi
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About Projects | Process 
Anything done well must have a story to tell about its making, a process that allowed for it to evolve and realize itself into its final form; be it a musical composition, a painting, or simply the making of a delectable meal. We usually experience and admire the end product and most often remain oblivious to the painstaking, often devotional journey of its making; its process from concept to completion; the rigor and passion that it must so relentlessly involve.

This makes for significant archival material and if shared as stories, are critical to: learn from, aspire to and bring hope and reassurance, especially in a world that increasingly looks to instant results and instant gratification.

G5A is bringing back Projects | Process, a series of sessions where artists, performers, theatre-makers, and designers will talk about the significance of process and its relevance to project-making in contemporary India, while sharing insights into the development of an ongoing or a recent piece of work.
About the Speakers:
Sajid Wajid Shaikh is an experimental artist, originally from New Bombay. His creative adventure began at age 7 when his mom gave him a box full of paint. Ever since, it has been one canvas, silkscreen, notebook page, paper, and poster print after another. He uses a visual language of shape, form, color, and line to create a
composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. It’s a form of self-expression - meta and cathartic.  His work indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete. Abstraction exists along a continuum. color is conspicuously and deliberately altered vis-a-vis reality. He is a Creative Director of the Design Practice called 46&2 His clientele includes Google, Facebook, HP, Yahoo, Adidas, Redbull, Paypal, Vouge & Elle to name a few.

Namaha Mazoomdar is a professional dancer, a director, an Odissi teacher, a choreographer. Her classical dance journey began with Odissi under the tutelage of  Daksha Mashruwala. She has also joined Anusree Bonnerjee, a Sr. Bharatnatyam exponent, as a founder partner at Drutam Dance Ideas Lab. Namaha has performed at various international dance festivals across Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan as well as India. She also has a Diploma from the Intercultural Theatre Institute, Singapore. As a qualified professional actor and a trained professional dancer, Namaha is keen on exploring an intricate confluence of the two disciplines to create new evocative expressions in performing art.
Amrita Mahale is the author of the novel Milk Teeth, longlisted for the JCB Prize for Literature 2019. Amrita was trained as an aerospace engineer and is a product manager at a nonprofit research lab working on artificial intelligence for social good. Her writing has appeared in Hindustan Times, Scroll, Himal Southasian, and Brown Paper Bag.

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