Monday, November 25, 2019

Novique Health launches nationwide to reverse type 2 diabetes. Forever.

Novique health, safely and sustainably, reverses type 2 diabetes without the risks, costs, and side-effects of medications or surgery. Our mission is to reverse type 2 diabetes in 10 MM Indians by 2030.

Novique’s revolutionary program targets the root cause of type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, unlike conventional treatments which only address the symptom, high blood sugar (while the diabetes gets progressively worse).

Results thus far have been extremely promising and industry leading. In Just 10 weeks:
       60% of patients completely reversed their type 2 diabetes (HbA1c <6 .5="" complications="" longer="" medications="" patients="" took="" u="" with="" without="">
       100% of users reduced or eliminated the use of insulin and other medications
       Over 10% reduction in HbA1c
       Nearly 7% loss in body weight

Novique is driving three major innovations to reverse type 2 diabetes, safely and sustainably.
       A proprietary dietary protocol that addresses the root cause of diabetes -- insulin resistance -- and shifts the metabolism from burning sugar to burning fat
       Technology that enables continuous remote care and personalization at scale. Patients use a mobile app to track biomarkers that are analyzed 24X7 by highly experienced diabetologists. Data Science and machine learning are used by our physicians and nutritionists to personalize each patients care plan and offer real-time support and guidance
       Behavioral coaching that build sustainable change. Behavior change strategies are
utilized by the remote care team and tailored to the needs of each participant to help
achieve long-term glycemic control.

Novique offers a customizable 12 week diabetes reversal program with a money-back guarantee.
       Starter kit with a selection of low carb foods and testing supplies
       Comprehensive blood work to target insulin resistance and related metabolic disorders (BP, High Cholesterol, Fatty Liver etc.)
       24X7 Physician supervision for safe medication reduction and check-ups
       Dedicated Health Coach. A behavior and nutrition expert that helps you form habits and keeps you accountable
       A Clinic in your pocket with on-demand care and tools to track progress
       Private Novique Community to share tips and guidance
       Personalized, After-Program Guide to sustain progress and remain diabetes-free

Novique’s go-to-market strategy includes direct-to-consumer, corporates, and strategic partnerships. Till date, Novique has strategic relationships with ICICI, Thyrocare, NutroActive amongst others.


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