Saturday, November 2, 2019

Millionaire Mind Experience by Success Gyan's Prachi Mayekar

Today I attended a seminar " Millionaire Mind Experience " by Success Gyan's Prachi Mayekar ( Famous RJ Simply Prachi )at Sahara Star, Mumbai.

Here are some important Takeaways from the seminar :

1. Success calls for action.
2. Higher the energy you give , it will returns 10 times stronger to you.
3. Make your mind , commitments , decisions then only you will succeed .
4. Participate 100% = Experience first hand = Success
5. The day you take decision , things start happening.
6. Upgrade yourself , Be ready to change , Leave the comfort zone, Don't hide from anyone for anything.
7. If something is hurting , just get up and move .
8. Don't wait for emergency to take action.
9. Comfort Zone is the World's biggest problem
10. Awareness is the 1st step to Change
11. Thoughts lead to your Feelings, - Feelings prompt to take Action - Action leads to Result.
12. The Roots create the Fruits
13. Never be a victim. Never justify. Never blame others. Complaining does not solve problems. Take charge, Solve problems.
14. Success calls for planning , action. Play only to Win.
15 Rich people admire other people.
16. Bless , what you want.
17. Send out the positive energy to successful people , it will return to you.
18. Life is collaboration , not competition .
19. Help each other rise and grow together.
20. Warrior mindset tames the fear. Face the fear

Affirmation : I have a Millionaire Mindset
I have the power
I create my life
I take charge of everything
I can handle any problem because I am Stronger

Success Gyan is India's largest organiser of seminars in personal development. Their vision is "To Inspire all to become a Better Version of themselves"!
Who doesn't want to be successful? Does everyone who wants to become a success, become successful?
Why is it that some people succeed and others don't? Can one learn to be successful?

Success Gyan has discovered the answer thanks to a few gurus and master coaches from around the world. They realized that there are lots of people like us who want to become successes in their life.

SuccessGyan was started precisely to fulfill this burning need. Success Gyan brings three or four of the world's best coaches each year to benefit hundreds and thousands of people who are willing to do what it takes to become a success.

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Everyone understands in his own way what success is. For some it is to achieve their goals, for others it is to help others and to do charity work.