Friday, November 1, 2019

Mindfulness India Summit concluded successfully with mindful memories and insights between 30-31 Oct 2019

The second edition of Mindfulness India Summit which started on 30th October 2019, concluded successfully yesterday on Oct 31st, 2019, with practical applications on bringing Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence through Neuroscience for organisations, education, healthcare and for a happier fulfilled life with well-being.
The summit boasted of experts from various fields and all around the globe who shared valuable experiences, learnings and case studies including names like Dr. Daniel Goleman – Psychologist and Award-Winning Author on one end to Mr Hector Garcia – Author of World bestseller - IKIGAI - Japanese concept of Joy, Happiness and purpose on the other, Buddhist monks on one end to cognitive scientists on the other, dancers on one end to musicians at the other. This made Mindfulness India Summit the only such gathering in the world with such vast, rich and diverse experiences in spiritual, secular and contemplative Mindfulness.
The speakers also included Ronald D.Siegel from Harvard Medical School , Dr Ruth Baer from University of Oxford, Mrs Neerja Birla, Dr Matthew Lippincott from Goleman EI, Mr Clif Smith from EY Americas, Mr Chris Tamdjidi – Founder Kalapa Academy, Chef Ranveer Brar, Mr Norbu Wangchuk – Former Education Minister, Royal Government of Bhutan, Ms Shalini Behl along with founder Mr Manish Behl shared the stage through deep panel discussions and interesting key notes and workshops.
Ms. Neerja Birla, who is a leading philanthropist spoke on bringing focus to mental illness and creating an environment for victims to talk about and not suffer alone. She spoke about creating awareness for mental problems and finding solutions to people affected by it. She emphasised on the need to have various measures and avenues to deal with problems related to mental illness.
Through two days national speakers like Dr Narayanan Srinivasan, Mr Marcus Ranney from Thrive Global along with industry leaders from Salesforce, BCG, Accenture, Microsoft, Mumbai Port Trust, The Hindu, Deloitte and Mr. Manish Behl, the man who made Mindfulness India Summit possible in India discussed various aspects of Mindfulness in life and at work.
After a very successful inaugural Summit in 2018, in its second year itself, the Summit has become Asia’s largest summit on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Neuroscience and Positive Psychology; with over 30 speakers, 200+ participants, 10+ workshops, 20 + keynotes and focus sessions over 2 days, a place where every leader needed to be. It’s has been the biggest platform to discuss benefits, myths, case studies, research tools and practices on Mindfulness and EI in personal and professional life. 
The summit has already made a difference in the life of various corporates, entrepreneurs and VPs, CFOs and CEOs from leading international and domestic organisations. This year participants joined from varied fields including corporations, government, education, healthcare, non-profits and entrepreneurs. In this two-day summit, attendees will be encouraged and educated to harness their capacity for happiness, health, and make mindfulness a part of everyday life.
The agenda for this year’s summit involved topics included:
• Mindfulness for new generation in an increasingly digital society
• Science of mindfulness: transforming your mind and body
• Mindful Eating
• Mindfulness at Workplace
• Mindfulness for Education
• Mindfulness and Happiness
• Health and Well Being
• Evolving Landscape of Mindful Society
• How emotional intelligence impact leaders?
• Creativity, innovation and concentration a form of art, to engage in the ancient practice of Mindfulness etc.
Speaking about the Mindfulness India Summit, Mr Manish Behl, Founder said, “Mindfulness India Summit is a platform to advance the benefits of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence for the Indian sub-continent.” He further said, “Problems and complexities are always there, but its mindfulness which prepares one to deal with the same. It helps in realising your inner strength and it is on a person’s ability to deal with the situation that makes it easy or hard. Mindfulness cannot solve the problem, but it definitely prepares an individual to deal with the problem in a better manner.” 
Mindfulness India Summit is a property of Beyond Mind and Mindful Science Centre, organisations committed to working with new age ground-breaking techniques to create an impact in society through practices of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. The Summit is supported by IIM Ahmedabad, UNESCO -Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, Goleman EI, The Hindu, Oxford Mindfulness Centre, WeWork, Firstpost, University of Berkeley – Greater Good Science, Thrive Global, Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zee 5, Strozzi International amongst others.

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