Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Himanshu Desai, an emerging beverage professional, has become the first bartender from India to be selected for the prestigious Rémy Martin Bartender Talent Academy. The competition celebrates and hones the passions of global bartenders, and will be held this week in Cognac and Paris with 11 finalists representing 9 nations. Himanshu Desai, who has worked in Dubai for 4 years, and is currently a Beverage Manager with the Massive Restaurants group in Mumbai, specialises in creating modern cocktails including reimagining classic cocktails with a contemporary twist.

Every year through the Bartender Talent Academy, Rémy Martin scouts the globe to find the most passionate up and coming bartenders. These talented individuals are identified by the brand and their local bar communities as ones-to-watch in the industry with their skill and dedication.  In addition to being gifted in the craft of mixology, each of these bartenders also showcases exceptional passion and a unique "slash" personality which includes diverse interests. At Cognac, they will showcase an original Rémy Martin cocktail that embodies this “slash” persona. The competition's grand prize winner will receive 3000€ to realize one of his/her slash.

Abhishek Parameswaran, Country Manager, India & Sub-continent at Rémy Cointreau, shared, “We are delighted to have selected a bartender of Himanshu Desai's quality to represent India at this coveted global platform. This opportunity will help Himanshu to connect with the bartenders’ community in a very unique way, and will give him an opportunity to showcase his skills to a global audience.  The Remy Martin Bartender Talent Academy selects the rising stars of the mixology industry, and we at Remy Martin are confident that everyone participating will have an unforgettable experience. We strongly believe in etching a long-term and genuine relationship with the bartending community, and support them as they aspire to become the most influential talents in the industry.”

Speaking about this opportunity, an elated Himanshu Desai commented, “Remy Martin Bartender Talent Academy is among the most prestigious bartending competitions in the industry. I am very proud to represent India at this global platform and look forward to visiting the home of Remy Martin in Cognac. Meeting bartenders from all around the world, will enable me to share my expertise and learn from their craft and experience.”

The Bartender Talent Academy (BTA) is in line with Rémy Martin’s heritage as the brand has pushed the boundaries to bring out the most exceptional talents of nature and people to unleash them in their products for nearly 300 years. Rémy Martin has been a family business for three centuries, run by two families who share the same values: the Rémy Martin and the Heriard Dubreuil families. Above all, Rémy Martin is a company where savoir-faire, family land, experience and formulas have been passed down from one generation to the next. It is a company driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, solidarity and long-term vision, both within the company and in relations with external partners. To be part of Rémy Martin is to be part of a family.

Throughout the BTA experience, the competitors and all involved certainly becomes a family worthy of the brand’s legacy.  Also of note, the House of Rémy Martin’s motto is “One Life / Live Them” and the first BTA is very much in line with that philosophy; the competition will return next year around the same time.

RÉMY MARTIN : Founded in 1724, Rémy Martin is the embodiment of Cognac Fine Champagne. The fruit of the prestigious regions of Grande and Petite Champagne, its cognacs holds outstanding ageing potential. The exclusive selection of grapes that make up the heart and soul of cognac, combined with the inimitable know-how of the cellar masters, create a one-of-a-kind aromatic intensity. For over three hundred years, the House has pursued one ambition: to reveal the talents of nature and humankind through its quest to capture the very heart of Cognac.

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