Tuesday, October 30, 2018

GAIL's Star Studded crusade against Air Pollution #BringBackTheBlueSkies Commences with the new peppy 'HawaBadlo Anthem V Mix''

Digital stars Amol Parashar and Sarah Hashmi have come together, lending their on-screen chemistry to the brand new music video for the newer, cooler and futuristic avatar of the one year old 'HawaBadlo' anthem. Bollywood singers Harshdeep Kaur and Javed Ali have sung this new Hawa Badlo Anhtem. The Master of Ceremonies for the press conference announcing the launch of this music video was RJ Anuraag Pandey, host of breakfast show 'Picture Pandey' on Fever 104 FM. Also, present were Nalini Malhotra, General Manager (Corporate Communication) GAIL (India) Limited and Protiqe Mojoomdar, Co-Founder & Producer, Handyyman- the Content partner of the 'HawaBadlo' campaign.
The press conference also witnessed the commencement of #BringBackTheBlueSkies, a campaign dedicated to 'Turn Back time to better environments and bluer skies that we were once used to', through perceptible action, change in our lifestyle choices and behaviour towards the environment.
According to a CSE Report Air Pollution is one of the biggest killer that is responsible for thousands of death every year and GAIL has been instrumental in putting up a fight against pollution, educating the masses on the malice of air- pollution and how it affects people.
In light of this alarming situation, GAIL has been supporting HawaBadlo, an independent people's movement started more than two years ago, aimed at propagating sustainable mind-set change at individual level, which collectively establishes an extensive community change for greener and cleaner tomorrow for us and generations to come.
Amol Parashar, the star of web series like Home and Tripling, addressing the Press Conference said, “Not only is this a very exciting project for me but also gives me a chance to connect with the youth of the country for a noble cause. I also am glad I got to experiment with my look, and play a much older man for the first time! HawaBadlo is a signature social media movement against the havoc of air pollution and I am excited and very happy to be a part of this initiative.”
Sarah Hashmi, of Dil Dhadakne Do and Happy Phir Bhaag Jayegi fame, while addressing the press conference said, “This campaign is timely, necessary and pointing to the young change-makers to recognize this fatal menace called Air Pollution. Was surprised to learn how many people are losing their lives to it every year. I am happy to get a chance to be a part of this video with Amol and hope that it will be useful in creating the requisite connect with the youth through social media platforms.”
The new video called TURN BACK TIME - HawaBadlo V Mix - is produced by HANDYYMAN and has been co-written by Tanvir Ghazi (Pink) and Protiqe Mojoomdar (Halkaa, I am Kalam, Ishqeria) and the music is by Bishakh Jyoti.
Nalini Malhotra, General Manager (Corporate Communication) GAIL (India) Limited said, “The new HawaBadlo musical video is targeted at the masses and youngsters who are being asked to bring about change in the air by their respective efforts. The campaign is in line with GAIL's commitment to improve the air quality with collective societal effort.” she further added, “Through this music video we kick start our campaign #BringBackTheBlueSkies which intends to inspire masses & youngsters to take positive steps against air pollution, a global killer and to bring about change in lifestyle and adopt nature friendly fuels like natural gas in our daily lives.”
The 'HawaBadlo' Campaign is supported by GAIL and has been instrumental in involving citizens to bring about small but meaningful changes in their lives to fight the menace of pollution. The cases of chronic obstructive lung disease have almost doubled over the past 25 years, causing seven million deaths annually across the world, of which 3.8 million deaths are caused by household or indoor air pollution. The 'HawaBadlo' campaign is thus the need of the hour and in many ways supports our Government's Swachh Bharat Mission and its effort towards Natural Gas based economy.
Protiqe Mojoomdar, Co Founder & Producer, Handyyman said, “It's a matter of great pride for us to be a part of this award-winning campaign, and it's the one year anniversary for us and the HawaBadlo anthem! We are excited at the launch of this new video, which is a part of the effort to make HawaBadlo more relevant, contemporary and a youth movement for essential change. This time, we have added a touch of romance and the hope for a happy utopic future to the video; it's the same song but with a new arrangement that the young audience will like. So let's spread this and together, let's Bring Back The Blue Skies!”.
The Press Conference displayed the music video starring Amol Parashar, digital star, of Traffic, Home, Ready to Mingle, It Happened in Hong Kong, Wildstone & Pepsi ads fame with Sarah Hashmi, who has starred in Happy Phir Bhaag Jayegi, Dil Dhadakne Do, Girliyapa and Blush. The music video is expected to generate a lot of excitement post its launch and this will flag off the launch of GAIL India's vocal campaign #BringBackTheBlueSkies across digital media, along with a live interactive event and 'Time Machine' installation next month.
'HawaBadlo'Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/HawaBadlo

About HawaBadlo Initiative
GAIL's commitment to the environment is an integral aspect of its corporate value system and is firmly entrenched in its mission statement. As a young progressive brand, GAIL is committed to deliver a better tomorrow for all our stakeholders where progress and environment can go hand-in-hand. Supporting the HawaBadlo Initiative was another step towards building a sustainable environment for the country and creating a meaningful difference. The objective of HawaBadlo is to gather resources in form of KNOWLEDGE, NETWORK, INNOVATION & OUTREACH to come together on a single platform to protect human health and country from the effects of Air Pollution.
About GAIL (India) Limited
GAIL is India's leading natural gas company with diversified interests across the natural gas value chain of trading, transmission, LPG production & transmission, LNG re-gasification, Petrochemicals, City Gas, E&P, etc. GAIL is expanding pipeline network by 4000 kms. at an investment of about
Rs. 20,000 crores to operate over 15,000 kms by 2020. GAIL commands 75% market share in gas transmission and has a Gas trading share of over 50% in India.

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