Friday, August 18, 2023

Zenzo launches the advance 5G ambulance Service in Mumbai


Mumbai, 18th August 2023: On Friday (August 18), Zenzo, a healthcare provider, launched its very first and unique 5G ambulance service in Mumbai that uses superfast 5G technology to serve patients. The 5G ambulance service will change the way diagnoses and treatment is provided to critical patients on board. Zenzo’s advance 5G ambulance is fitted with cutting-edge equipment and advanced communication capabilities that will improve the speed and accuracy of emergency medical interventions, leading to better patient outcomes and increased efficiency in the delivery of critical care services.

Advocate Rahul Narvekar, Speaker of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and a member of BJP, said, “We’re very happy with this novel initiative taken up by Zenzo and welcome its move to start this advanced 5G-enabled ambulance service in Mumbai. I’m sure it will help save many lives.”

Announcing the launch of the zenzo ambulance services, Shaffi Mather, Founder Zenzo said, “We’re proud to be launching this sophisticated emergency ambulance service. It’s a revolutionary innovation with cutting-edge 5G-enabled devices. It ensures real-time collection and sharing of health data, advanced patient monitoring and faster treatment responses. Equipped with major life-saving equipment as ventilators, defibrillators, multipara patient monitors, ECG machines and syringe pumps, it delivers comprehensive, life-saving emergency care.”

Sweta Mangal, Director, Zenzo, said, “We’re very excited to start this emergency pre-hospital care service. To make sure our service is fast and seamless for the user, we also have the Zenzo App, which can be used to book our services within seconds. We also aim to make Zenzo a ‘One-Stop Medical Concierge’ for holistic healthcare for corporates that include Ambulance at Site, Wellness at Workplace, Tele-health Services for Employees, Medical Rooms, Doctors on Site, Preventive Health Checkups and Occupational Health Centers, among others.”


Continuous Monitoring of Patients: Cutting-edge monitoring systems transmit vital signs in real time, facilitating immediate prognosis and swift interventions for critical patients by medical experts in the hospital

Connects Remotely with Medical Experts: Real-time video-conferencing connects ambulance with remote medical experts for specialized consultations and prompt decisions

Multidisciplinary Consultations: Fostering seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals from various disciplines, leading to comprehensive patient care

Enables Treatment During Transit: Advanced medical care on the move, enabling immediate treatment during transit for improved patient outcomes

Maximizing Patient’s Golden Hour: Swiftly leveraging the ‘Golden Hour’ for critical patients, the 5G ambulance ensures better treatment outcomes through immediate care and timely interventions

Pre-Arrival Emergency Room Support: Proactively supporting patients with pre-arrival coordination, preparing hospitals in advance for necessary procedures and treatment protocols upon their arrival


Booking for basic, cardiac, air, train and other type of Ambulance service

Real-Time Ambulance Tracking

Access to Remote Medical Support Team

Alerts and Update Notifications

Secure OTP Confirmation

Nearby Medical Facility Locator

Profile Management

Family Member Addition

Easy Booking with Personal Details

Other Ambulance Services From Zenzo

Some of the other ambulance services offered by Zenzo are ambulance subscription, on-site ambulance, event ambulance, air ambulance, medical rooms, corporate wellness programmes and mobile medical vans.

About Zenzo’s Mission

Zenzo’s core purpose is to improve lives through advanced healthcare services that nurture well-being, including pre-hospital care and wellness services for employees of corporates individuals. The company specializes in crafting personalized healthcare solutions across such industries as infrastructure, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, education, residential projects, IT and more. Tailoring its services to meet the specific needs of customers, Zenzo offers customized solutions and personalized care to its customers, prioritizing their well-being and comfort.