Friday, August 11, 2023

Lal Pari London Chali: Three Generations of Thakore Family Bid to Travel 12,000 km in Vintage Car

The one-of-a-kind journey encompassing 16 countries will commence later this month

Ahmedabad: The three generations of the Thakore family are embarking on a historic journey in their bid to become the first Indians to take Lal Pari (Red Angel), a 1950 MG vintage car, on a road trip covering 12,000 kilometers and traversing 16 countries from India to London.

The extraordinary expedition has been meticulously planned and prepared for over two years, which involved extensive restoration work of the car and sourcing rare spare parts from all over the world, to make the 73-year-old vintage beauty ready for the adventure.

“Lal Pari derives its name from the cherished bedtime stories shared by my mother when I was young. This remarkable journey aims to recreate those adventurous tales while transcending borders and appealing to people of all ages. This journey is not just about the car, but about spreading smiles, building connections, and promoting unity among people. We are thrilled and looking forward to sharing our joy and experiences with the world,” said Daman Thakore, 50, who is leading the team.

Joining him in the unique adventure are his father, Deval Thakore, and his daughter, Devanshi Thakore. Noted documentary and architectural photographer and filmmaker Vinay Panjwani and vintage car expert Mukesh Bararia are also a part of the team.

Considering the challenges of the unique endeavor, the expedition will be supported by the first Made in India camper van, which has been named Lal Pari Ki Saheli (Red Angel’s friend). The team will use solar panels to generate the electricity required during its stay, promoting eco-friendly practices throughout the journey.

The expedition will commence from Ahmedabad, starting with a visit to the Statue of Unity, the world’s tallest statue. The journey will encompass road travel in several countries, including the UAE, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and France, and culminating in the United Kingdom. The team will also visit vintage car clubs along the way.

World-renowned jeweler, C Krishniah Chetty has designed an exclusive silver hood ornament featuring the Statue of Unity, which will adorn the hood of Lal Pari. The ornamental addition conveys the message of global unity and ‘One World, One Family’.

Even before the expedition has begun, Lal Pari has garnered immense appreciation on social media. It has garnered over 62 lakh views on Facebook and 12 lakh views on YouTube.

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