Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Luxury fan retailer Fanzart opens its flagship showroom in Mumbai; 114th showroom in the country

Mumbai, August 22nd 2023: Pioneers of luxury fans in India, Fanzart opened its flagship showroom in Mumbai, its first company owned showroom in the country’s financial capital. The flagship showroom is located in Atria Mall in Worli South Mumbai and is the 114th showroom of Fanzart in the country.

It is to be recalled that in 2012 Fanzart brought in a revolution of sorts into the luxury fan segment by opening their finest luxury fan showroom in Bengaluru offering a wide range of designs and solutions in fans that were almost unthinkable at that time. The last decade has seen Fanzart galloping in its growth to offer the very latest innovations in the luxury fan segment, starting from incorporating human sensors, blue tooth enabling, fandeliers that double up as also lights, customisable blades, summer winter feature, power saving BLDC motors, to mention a few.

Commending the opening of the flagship showroom, Mr. Anil Lala, Founder and Managing Director said, “It gives us immense pleasure to start our operations in Mumbai through the physical presence of our flagship showroom. The showroom will house some of the most outstanding luxury fans under one roof that mark the highest quality and innovation in the luxury fan segment. We have been seeing a huge demand for luxury fans in India which spurred us to start Fanzart 12 years ago and the demand is only increasing”.

The flagship showroom in Mumbai will have a mindboggling range of designer fans on display, each proving to be a connoisseur’s delight while filling in the current lacuna in the luxury fan segment in the city. The collection will include the latest trends, styles, designs as well as innovations, bringing to the discerning customer the very best the industry has to offer across the globe.

Speaking at the opening,  Mr. Tarun Lala, Co-Founder & Director, Fanzart, stated, “The flagship showroom in South Mumbai marks a new chapter in our operations as Mumbai is not only the financial capital but also the consumer capital, given the quality and design conscious customers the city abodes. We currently have 3 franchised showrooms in Mumbai but are extremely happy to open our company showroom in South Mumbai to address the long felt need for a boutique retail space in fans here.”

“The range we have on offer is literally spellbinding, leaving the customer spoilt for choice. Each fan has a story to tell with its new dimensions, lending itself to conceptualisation as per the differing needs, expectations of each customer. The technological innovation and expansive possibilities in customisation increases the variety of models on offer, expanding the choice.”

Fanzart has presence today in all major metros and mini metro cities across India catering to discerning customers, who have a penchant for Luxury Fans.

For more information log on to: www.fanzartfans.com  

About Fanzart:

Fanzart is a company that specializes in luxury ceiling fans, designer fans, and other ventilation solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Fanzart is known for its unique and stylish ceiling fans that are designed to be not just functional, but also aesthetically appealing and visually striking. Fanzart was founded in 2012 by Anil Lala, and it is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company's vision is to transform the concept of ceiling fans from being just functional appliances to pieces of art that enhance the interior design of a space. Fanzart's product range includes a variety of designer ceiling fans that are inspired by different themes, styles, and materials, such as wood, metal, and acrylic. With over 114 outlets in India, Fanzart has a presence in several other countries as well, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore, and the United States, and its products are available through a network of authorized dealers and showrooms.

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