Thursday, August 31, 2023

Scholarship winners Receive 'SavitriBai Phule' book from Ratna Nidhi charitable Trust & author Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta

Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust Hosted a  Book Reading and Felicitation of 'SavitriBai Phule: Her Life, Her Relationships, Her Legacy' by Author Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta under their Mission Million Books program. These books were donated by the Tagore academy.

1 September 2023Mumbai.
Rajiv Mehta of the Ratna Nidhi Trust, a grantee and preferred CSR partner for India's top corporates held a special book distribution program under the aegis of Mission Million Books.  The event included a book reading and felicitation of scholarship winners with the bestselling book,  'SavitriBai Phule: Her Life, Her Relationships, Her Legacy', by none other than India's favourite biographer, Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta. 

Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust has consistently dedicated its efforts to alleviating poverty and spreading the light of education, particularly among the young children of Mumbai. Their Mission Million program, a far-reaching social initiative, aims to bridge educational disparities by providing underserved communities with access to high-quality educational materials for their holistic growth and advancement.

During the event, Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta spoke about the struggles of Savitribai Phule. She said, "Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. The book 'SavitriBai Phule: Her Life, Her Relationships, Her Legacy' aligns perfectly with the mission of fostering education, empowerment, and positive change in the lives of the under-served."

This event was made possible by the Tagore Academy, located in Faridabad, which generously donated 500 copies of the  book 'SavitriBai Phule: Her Life, Her Relationships, Her Legacy' to Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust. The book, hailed as a masterpiece, is authored by Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta. It delves into the life, relationships, and enduring legacy of the iconic SavitriBai Phule., India's first female teacher.

Over 60 scholarship winners from the Chikitsak School personally received copies of 'SavitriBai Phule: Her Life, Her Relationships, Her Legacy.' This gesture was aimed to encourage the habit of reading among the children and also to serve as an inspiration to respect the freedoms conferred upon us by Savitribai Phule.

Rajiv Mehta, trustee of the Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust, expressed his gratitude for the generous donation by Tagore Academy and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping a better future for the underprivileged. 

The event was not only an opportunity to celebrate the scholarship recipients but also a reminder of the importance of education, empowerment, and the enduring impact of powerful storytelling

About Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta
Reeta Ramamurthy Gupta is a bestselling author, and a reviewer for Network18. She is an active proponent of the philosophy that the right mindset can help people rescript their own lives as well as that of others. She is credited with the acclaimed Red Dot Experiment, a ten-year-long, six-nation study on how culture impacts communication. A polyglot, she speaks five languages.

In an era of societal barriers, Savitribai Phule challenged the status quo. Alongside her mentor Sagunabai Kshirsagar and fellow educator Fatima Sheikh, she fought for women's education and the emancipation of widows, untouchables, and backward castes.This gripping narrative takes you to mid-nineteenth-century Poona, where three audacious women defied conventions and believed in their power to effect change. Savitribai Phule: Her Life, Her Legacy, Her Relationships is a testament to Savitribai’s unwavering spirit, inspiring courage, and empowerment. This story of three strong women remains relevant till today and will inspire young women and men everywhere to fight for their rights.


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