Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The ongoing exhibition of landscape paintings and poetry by Pradeep Wahule, IFS at the prestigious Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai is indeed a visual treat for nature and art lovers alike.

On 15th August, Usha Tai Mangeshkar inaugurated the exhibition of paintings and poetry by Pradeep Wahule.

In this solo show Pradeep exhibited two collections- 19 paintings of ' The Spirit of India" series and 55 paintings of his new collection- The Meanderings - Landscapes and Poetry. Usha Mangeshkar appreciated the detailing, the compositions and the   versatility of Pradeep's works. Usha Tai, an acclaimed painter herself, presented -'Strokes of Harmony'  the coffeetable book of her paintings. The show was well recieved by other esteemed guests, artists and curators. Be it patriotism or the concern for nature conservation cannot be forced. Developing an emotional connect is a prerequisite and that is the main message the entire exhibition conveys.

A self-taught artist practising for over 25 years, Pradeep has painted on several subjects using variety of mediums and styles in the past. 

An alumni of St Lawrence school, Ruparel college and Institute of Science thereafter, Pradeep started his career in 2003 as an associate professor in SIES college, Sion in the deptt of Zoology. Even there, his passion for art did not go unnoticed. He was also appointed as a faculty to teach Photography as an Art form for Bachelor of Mass Media students at SIES. Widening his horizon, in 2009, Pradeep joined the Indian Forest Service. He continues to create a great impact as an educator even while serving as a forest officer. He is presently on a Govt of India deputation at the Central Academy State Forest Services, Dehradun. Through his art Pradeep has contributed immensely in promoting Indian heritage and culture. He has also tries to rekindle the love for nature through his art. 

The current collection of works titled ‘The Meanderings’ is quite exquisite in a way that it connects us nostalgically to the classical landscapes of the old masters, especially of Europe and America. Besides the use of classical oil paint on canvas, he has also employed other mediums like acrylic, soft dry pastel, Indian ink and watercolour to add an element of interest and intrigue in this collection. The landscapes range from their realistic depiction to almost surreal and abstract forms.

The paintings are unique in their treatment and use of material and style. Light and colours are mostly subdued to create an atmospheric envelope and tangible haze with a limited palette of burnt siennas , sap greens, blues, yellows, browns etc. 

These memory-soaked landscapes signify languid wanderings, solitude, nostalgia, reverie, unrequited melancholy and joyous recollections in half-seen and hinted forms which foray into space and time  characteristic of the Wordsworthian reserve.

This characteristic amalgamation of his artworks with portions from his own poems on nature quintessentially convey his message on the beauty of nature and its profound influence on our lives and our own existence.

The Spirit of India series on the other hand shows his ability to capture the cultural ethos of our country.

Pradeep’s exhibitions are meticulously and aesthetically curated by his wife, Image consultant and motivational speaker Rashmi Rao Wahule.


 The exhibition is open for all visitors till 21st August from 11 am to 7 pm.

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