Thursday, August 10, 2023

College Rivals, India’s largest collegiate esports IP, is coming to your city soon!

National, 11th August 2023 – Ampverse, Asia’s largest ecosystem of gaming communities and IP’s, has joined forces with DMI Finance to unveil a sneak peek of their highly anticipated inaugural intellectual property, College Rivals. This venture includes India's largest college esports talent hunt, and it is set to captivate gaming enthusiasts across the nation. The teaser shared by Ampverse DMI is only a prelude to a thrilling esports tournament that promises to redefine the collegiate gaming landscape in India. 

As Ampverse DMI continues to push boundaries and develop innovative new products to connect to gamers, the teaser provides a sneak preview of the excitement that is to come. The gaming ecosystem can look forward to a unique experience combining action-packed esports tournaments, mentorships with leading pro players, influencer appearances, and a lot more when College Rivals launches soon. 

This ground breaking event is set to be an electrifying amalgamation of an action-packed esports tournament seamlessly intertwined with elements of music, dance, streetwear, merchandise, and more, transforming it into an immersive and holistic experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional esports tournaments. 

Check out the Instagram Reel here.

About Ampverse DMI:


Ampverse, Asia’s largest ecosystem of gaming communities and IPs, has joined forces with DMI Finance in India, forming a strategic joint venture. The primary objective of this partnership is to bolster the esports ecosystem in the country and create a dedicated platform to nurture and promote college esports talents. Leveraging Ampverse's expertise in building esports and gaming communities and DMI Finance's financial prowess, the joint venture aspires to revolutionize the gaming ecosystem in India. They plan to achieve this by developing a series of esports and gaming IP’s including a national collegiate esports platform, hosting on-ground activations, forging partnerships with influential gaming figures, and establishing mentorship programs to nurture up-and-coming college esports talent. The first co-developed IP, College Rivals - Esports Series is set to launch from August 2023.

Central to their mission is the idea of fostering inclusivity, diversity, and excellence within the Indian esports community. They aim to provide opportunities to a wide range of talents, irrespective of backgrounds or identities, with the goal of empowering the gaming community as a whole. The decision to focus on India is backed by the rapid growth of esports within the country. 



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