Monday, November 21, 2022

IndiaDonates hands PR mandate to Lion Entertainment

INDIAdonates, an ENABLER within the development sector of India, has over the years partnered with some of the most trusted charity organizations in India to multiply social development and change many lives. Founded in 2018, by Dr Sanjay Patra and Mr Sandeep Sharma, INDIAdonates works as a bridge between people and businesses who are interested in making a difference and organisations working on the ground to effect it.

INDIAdonates has always emphasized on the power of collaboration and synergy required for scalable and sustainable impact to serve the last mile. After the resounding success of its first Annual Synergy and Sustainability Symposium, held in Mumbai, INDIAdonates is ready to roll out ‘Synergy and Sustainability Symposium-II’. While the event is slated for January, 2023, they have now handed the PR mandate to Lion Entertainment in order to reach the right audience, to put forward the core message of INDIAdonatesand to ensure collective benefit of all participants from the event. Speaking about the overall event and the association with Lion Entertainment, Mr. Sandeep Sharma, Founder of INDIAdonatesshares,“The Synergy and Sustainability Symposium is a platform for different change agents to come together and look for answers to the most pressing social development questions in the country. We at INDIAdonates are big proponents of creating partnerships to multiply long-term impact. While at the first symposium we looked at effective synergies between the different sections of development institutions, at Synergy and Sustainability Series II, we want to focus on sustainability of development work. “

Sharing her views on the overall association, Ms. Pooja Valeja, Founder and CEO, Lion Entertainment shares, “We have worked with IndiaDonates in the past and seen their dedication and efforts genuinely put into making the country a better place and also help the

backward that require them. It would be our constant attempt to ensure that we are putting out the right messaging and speaking the story in a very authentic way so that the efforts taken by the organisation reach the right people and they could make the most of it. We have worked with them in the past and hope to live up to their expectations yet again”.

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