Thursday, November 17, 2022

FUNDRAISER’22- ‘Let’s Do Our Bit’

“It is not the DISABILITY but the ABILITY that counts”- The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Pune.

 The Xavier’s Political Science Association- XPSA has been one of the flag bearers in promoting social service related to various causes among the students and hence the department has taken concrete steps towards student engagement in social activities. The activities performed by students across all the streams in college have a deep and long-lasting impact on students. It inculcates within them a sense of responsibility and compassion towards multiple sections of the society.

 The Fundraiser has been one of those mediums through which the Political Science Department puts forth its efforts to initiate maximum involvement of students in social causes. The primary aim is to develop sensitivity within the students towards people from different socio-cultural backgrounds and differently abled persons. It also gives students the exposure into the life experiences and challenges of the group for whom the funds are being raised thus connecting them deeper to the cause.

 To understand better as for whom these fund raisers are organised let us have a glance at the past events. In 2017, the Fund raiser was organised for acid attack survivors. In 2018 funds were raised for children suffering from Thalassemia. Thus, the prime purpose of the event is to utilise the donations received for the social well-being of the concerned section of the society. 

This year, the Xavier’s Political Science Association is organising the Fundraiser for the Soldiers Wounded in Action and all the proceeds will go to the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre, Pune. This is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in the year 1974 for Armed Forces of India who have suffered spinal cord injuries while carrying out their duties. These are ex-servicemen, who are paraplegics (lower limbs not functional) and some are quadriplegics (Paralysis of all the 4 limbs). 

 What makes the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre so noteworthy is the spirit which they have endowed within each of the jawans. There are several activities which boost the morale of the soldiers, one of them is sports. PRC is known to be the pioneer in introducing the playing of various sports in the wheelchair. The very first National Games for the disabled were held in the Centre and organised by the PRC. Since then, the personnel in the Centre have shown tremendous zeal in their participation in sports. The officers have been the National champions in Basketball for 6 consecutive years and have won several medals at the Paralympics as well. They have been honoured with awards and recognition from national and international organisations for their commendable achievements. Thus, they are undoubtedly the champions in wheelchair sports. Similarly, some soldiers in the Centre have discovered their talent and interest in drawing, painting and have gone on to create one of the most stunning and incomparably beautiful pieces of art. The PRC has been the place where the soldiers could find a new direction for life and nurture their ‘Growth from Disability to Ability.’

 To bring forth the story of the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre and its brave soldiers the Xavier’s Political Science Association is organising a Fundraiser for our Wounded Soldiers on the 19th of November 2022 in the College Hall of St. Xavier’s College from 5-7 pm. The event will be in the form of a musical concert with the theme ‘From the Desserts of Rajasthan to the Arabian Sea of Mumbai’ where you will be captivated by the melodies of Rajasthani folk music and the mysticism of modern music. The folk artists Kasam Khan (singer and sarangi player) and Zaheer Khan (Dholak, Dhol and Khadtal player) are coming from Rajasthan bringing the songs of desert, along with them the audience will be enchanted in the mysticism of sufi and mystic songs of Anuraag Dhoundeyal, fun and joy through songs of by Mannan Shan (Music composer and singer) and Yashaswini Dayama (actress and singer). All three are former students of St. Xavier’s College. Lt Gen H S Kahlon, SM, GOC Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa will grace the occasion as the Chief Guest. Let us all join hands together by giving our wholesome contribution to the Fundraiser and paying our selfless jawans an unforgettable tribute!!!

To know more about the Paraplegic rehab centre check out their official website-






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