Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Josh distributing smiles in form of hearing aids

Hearing disability is not only seen in kids but also in teenagers and adults. By understanding the importance of hearing in the communication process, Josh foundation took an initiative and distributed hearing aids to 70 hearing impaired teenagers and children. These students were from Teach Institute. And this donation was associated and supported by Atos.

Josh Foundation always provides backing to hearing impaired children. A movement started by eminent ENT surgeon Dr. Jayant Gandhi and a renowned Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist Devangi Dalal. They aim to create aid and proper faculties for such specially challenged people. Josh Foundation has so far distributed 1300+ digital hearing aids. They worked for the betterment of such individuals even in tough times like the pandemic. 150+ digital hearing aids were given during the lockdown.

But this time, Josh wanted to widen their helping hand to various age groups and hence this distribution took place. We had amazing personalities gracing us. The chief guests of this event were Murli Menon (Head of CSR), Kavita Sarvaiya  (Member of CSR team) and Deepti Krishnakumar (Member of CSR support team). The backbone of this Foundation, that is Dr.Jayant Gandhi and Devangi Dalal were also present. In this way, yet another successful event was executed by Josh Foundation. Concluding by words quoted by Devangi Dalal, "World will aspire to the beauty of kindness if we make specially-abled children equally inclusive in our society".

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rufy ashta said...

What an amazing initiative! Josh distributing smiles in the form of hearing aids is truly heartwarming. Providing hearing aids to those in need can make a life-changing difference, enabling them to reconnect with their loved ones and the world of sounds. It's heartening to see individuals and organizations working together to create a positive impact in the lives of others. This act of kindness goes beyond words and brings joy to those who receive the gift of better hearing. 🙏👂 #JoshHearingAidProject #HearingForAll #MakingADifference #SmilesForEveryone