Monday, February 28, 2022

Koo App users celebrated Marathi Language Day with enthusiasm, a reflection for Mayamarathi's love seen

 Mumbai,February 28 2022: Marathi language lovers around the world are celebrating Marathi Language Day with enthusiasm. This is also being reflected on social media. Even on 'Koo' App  Marathi, users like politicians, writers, artists and the general public are expressing their gratitude for Marathi.

The birthday of the great poet Kusumagraj is celebrated every year as Marathi Rajbhasha Day The hashtag # UtsavMarathi language was also launched on the micro-blogging app 'Koo'. Marathi speaking Koo users  today are telling the story of love and pride towards Marathi by experimenting with various thoughts, opinions, poems, small poems written in Marathi called as charoli and pictures.

Koo is a popular app in ten Indian languages, including Marathi. The purpose of this forum is to enable people to express themselves effectively in regional languages, including Marathi. Well known Marathi speaking people from various fields like politics, sociology, literature, industry, sports, journalism are openly expressing their views on 'Koo.

Actress Suzanne Burnett has given unique wishes for Marathi Day. She is celebrating Rajbhasha Day on 'Koo' with a beautiful photo of her youth in nine yard saree with words of goodwill.

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