Monday, February 21, 2022

Health and wellness start-upRisamPure™launches AtmoPureair purifiers

Mumbai, February 2022: RisamPure™ owned by the former promotors of Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd. (BSVL),which is one of the leading health care organisations with over 4 decades of experience in this segment, has launched AtmoPure™ range of air purifiers. Aimed at providing the best health care and well-being products in India, RisamPure™will be introducing two variants - Medical Grade Hepa 14 Range and Advanced Grade Hepa 13 Range. The air purifiers will be available to consumers starting from Rs. 14,990onwards on.

AtmoPure™ air purifiers are built to proactively protect your health by ensuring no air-borne threats escape into the air you breathe. Atmopure™ air purifiers with its State of the Art 5 stage purification system inside, eliminates all kind of air-borne threats, as they come with built-in Pre-Filter + Activated Carbon Filter + ‘3D Attack’ Technology. 

Our innovative and revolutionary ‘3D Attack’ Technology is designed to ensure that the air in every corner of your home is free of all types of allergens, bacteria & viruses. ‘3D Attack’ Technology comprises of 3 powerful technologies – MEDICAL GRADE HEPA 14 + UV-C + IONIZER, making it a unique combination to remove all air-borne particles (as small as 0.3 microns) like hair & dust, gases, odours, VOCs, pollen, mould, allergens, mildew, fungi, bacteria’s & viruses.

Having all 5 technologies together makes AtmoPure™ Air Purifers unique and powerful for your rooms.

“Air pollution is worsening by the day, and we are constantly breathing in toxic air even inside our homes without evenrealizing it. The launch of AtmoPure™state-of-the-art air purifiers is a step towards realizing our vision ofbringing the best of healthcare and well-being products to India in order to build a healthy nation,” said Mr. Bharat Daftary,former Chairman of Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd.

Going forward, the company plans to conduct extensive research to comeup with more innovative healthcare solutions. RisamPure™plans to expand its portfolio by bringing in more products in the purification range targeting B2B and other segments.The cornerstone of our product portfolio strategy is Purity,and this will be represented in every product that we introduce and launch.

Vaikunth Ganapathy, Commercial Directorof RisamPure™,said:“The LEAF in our logo symbolizes this purity. It integrates our belief and strategy together. Consumersare making healthier choices to strengthen their immunity and upgrade their overall lifestyle. With increasing dust, pollutants, and lessening of green cover, the air quality hassubstantiallydepleted,and consumers are moving to more health-oriented solutions like air purifiers. AtmoPure™ air purifiers incorporate highly advanced technologies thatensurethe air you breathe in your homes and offices is safe and clean.”

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About RisamPure™:

RisamPure™ is a new company floated by Mr. Bharat Daftary, former Chairman of Bharat Serums and

Vaccines ltd. Our belief in ‘Bringing life to life’ is anchored to a passion that has made us preserve,protect and enhance the quality of life. RisamPure™ aims to bring the best of health care &well-beingproducts to India, with a vision to build a healthy nation with technologically superior products

which will proactively protect them from everything that endangers their life.


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