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The market is growing conscious about energy consumption and carbon emissions, thus more focus on environment friendly solutions

Ta Tung Aluminium Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing of Aluminium Doors, Windows Panels, Sliding Window, Projected-Out Window, Ventilation Door, Casement Window, Soundproof Doors, Various Aluminium Extrusions, Curtain Wall Materials and other Industrial Extrusion. They share their story and strategic plans for India market, in an exclusive interview:

1. Please share a brief introduction of the company.

Our company, Ta Tung Aluminum Co., Ltd was established in 1969 at Taiwan for which have been specialized in the manufacturing of aluminium window, door, Curtain wall and louver…etc for more than 50 years. We have automatic extrusion and cutting machinery, coating & painting plant include assembly lines that can produce and offer customers the aluminium window & door related products completely all by our company in Taiwan. Our patented products design is very beautiful & elegant that got IF design award. We also joint ventures and technical cooperation with Japan Sankyo Alumi as well which the latest STG series of Sankyo aluminum doors and windows were introduced very successful in Taiwan as well. In addition, we made Nano-Coatings technology development cooperation with ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute) as well and we are the first company to pass high weather resistance aluminum test in Taiwan. We are ISO company that have CNS, Nano, TAF, PVDF certificated and also include the Green Building Material of 870/1270 series as well. The core business of TaTung is expected of "first-class team, first-class talent" and “Do the best to make your family better. " are the motivation for TTA’s group to work hard. So in order to conform to the trend of the market and manufacture high-quality products, we well-planned in the equipment renewal and purchased inspection equipment to improve the water tightness to 1500pa and passed NCKU sound insulation test above level 35..etc. We have professional R&D team that can do OEM/ODM for customers to complete their products range and we look forward to providing customers with the most advanced and high-quality services and being a sustainable business. You may surf our website to have more information about our products and company there.

2. What are the current product trends / innovation in your product segment, in the Home Décor &Home Furnishing sector?

1. We have a patented special design of multi-function kitchen ventilation door:


a). Simplify to be used in house or kitchen space

b). Detachable screens for easy cleaning and replacement

c). Three-segment operation to adjust ventilation

d). Have 3-in-1 function of very good ventilation, good lighting and also have anti-theft function

f). Green building materials certificated.

2. High performance noisy insulation door :


a). Enhanced aluminum structure design

b). High end Japan style of embedded assembly way design

c). Internal pressure handle design

d). Stainless Steel Hinge

e). Double rubber strip design

f). Optional concealed door arch device and positioning rod.

h). Green Building Materials Certificated

3. How relevant is the Indian market for your product and services?

As the population and GDP of India are growing so the demand for residential and commercial development has grown year by year. Especially in recent years, due to the rise of Indian environmental awareness, the energy consumption and carbon emissions have become a special concern of the local construction-related industries in India. So we think it will be the right time to find professional distributor to promote our high end green building energy certificated of aluminum window &door into India market and offer good service for India clients as well now.

4. What is the business plans for the India market?

We plan to expand our business footprint in India by reaching out to our potential customers via TPC,

Commercial of commerce, participation in Exhibition and other relevant industry event. We will also

enhance our brand Image by highlighting our key factors of price, quality and design. We also hope to

partner with experienced distributors & dealers or provide training to new co-operators in India in order to

offer good service to establish good brand image. We will further expand our business, looking for related

industry cooperation such as work with glass contractor, housing builders, kitchen or furniture importers or

to do ODM / ODM for related industry companies or to establish an branch factory in India as well in future.

5. Do you have a presence in the Indian market currently? Which are your priority markets?

We have decades of experience and are very well known as a good quality manufacturer in Taiwan. But this

is our first time foray into the Indian market so yet to make a presence in the domestic market currently. Our

priority markets will be the house building or top brand window and door’s distributor, dealer, importer,

wholesaler and contractor to cooperate together or to find OEM/ODM collaborator.

6. Do you have any partners in India? Which are potential players you would like to partner with here?

So far, we do not have any partners in India as it is difficult to find professional partner who have strong

financial back ground and know how to promote our high end products with good quality and with

reasonable pricing into India market. But we hope the professional partner will be found in India. We also

hope to find potential building companies or top brand window and door’s distributor, dealer, importer,

wholesaler, contractor…etc to partner with together or to find OEM/ODM collaborator as well.

7. Highlight some of your key products for the Indian Market?

a). Kitchen ventilation door

b). Noisy insulation window and door

c). Louver

d). Curtain wall

e). Alumium extrusion profile

8. Affordable housing is a big segment in India. Do you have a focus to cater to this segment?

We understand the condition in India so we will offer 2 versions products for customers. One is simple level

with good price and the other is high level with reasonable price. The high level can be imported to India by

SKD(Semi Knock Down) to reduce import duty to have competitive price for India market.

9. What has been the impact of COIVD pandemic on your business and how did you tackle the challenge?

As Taiwan government have very good control with COVID and since our main market is in Taiwan so we do

not have big impact on our business. But because many oversea countries include India are still have very

serious of COVID situation at the moment so we need to do overseas business carefully. Now as vaccine is

achieved developed by some countries so we think the people’s healthy will be recovery sooner or later, and

therefore, we think we need to keep moving step by step from now on so that we may success sooner than

the others in India in the near future.

10. How does TPC help you in strengthening business footprint in India?

TPC is aggressively scouting business opportunities of its companies and it helps facilitates a good

communication channel with the local companies. They provide market information study and provide

include potential customers biweekly report and also arrange for Conference online meeting with customers

and media summiting

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