Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Ablifree Business Network offers global marketplace opportunities for small businesses in India

MUMBAI, 9 February 2021: It was a general consensus that to make sale happen and to expand your business, it is mandatory to visit the clients or customers in person, but this mindset has changed completely post-COVID19. Now, companies and businesses need not go anywhere to expand their business because Bluemark's 'Ablifree Business Network' (ABN) is offering global marketplace opportunities for all Indian businesses - small or large. Hence Indian businesses - especially small businesses can now expand their business from local to national and national to international markets at ease.


Ablifree Business Network (ABN), is a family of 50,000+ businesses from all around the world. ABN was created by its founders with a vision to give a seamless connection and networking platform to Indian businesses so that they can connect with global businesses with ease. Our vision was, any Indian business, small or big, should be able to easily connect with maximum customers globally. With this vision, ABN created technologically advanced tools to bring the dream into reality. 


Today, hundreds of Indian businesses are reaching to USA, Europe, Australia, Asian countries and middle east every month with the help of Ablifree Business Network. That too with no requirement of heavy budget. This has become possible because of ABN’s technology driven platforms. With combination of Global networking app; “Ablifree” and Global online exhibition platform; “Abliexpo”, SMEs and MSMEs of India are getting customers from India as well as foreign countries.

ABN is helping its members to become digitally fit for the new decade. Small businesses generally don't have the digital fitness required to grow beyond their locality. ABN supports these businesses to achieve the required digital fitness in their business and takes them on the next level. On virtue of 50,000+ business members, ABN helps each of its member to promote in and out-side the network. With this, businesses start getting customer flow to their business. Businesses also require expert assistance while growing their business in new geography/markets. ABN provides this support to the businesses through its Global Expert network. 

Govinda Sadamate, CEO of Ablifree Business Network said, "Any business can become the part of ABN’s global network for free by contacting us or simply downloading the app Ablifree. ABN’s expert team then helps the businesses with their growth. We believe, in order to grow as a great nation, our SMEs and MSMEs need to prosper. And ABN is committed to the mission of helping every single Indian business to grow locally as well as globally."

Sanjay Landge, Managing Director of Ablifree Business Network said, "Every business member of ABN is like a family member. ABN conducts various beneficial online exhibitions for the members. Through these exhibitions, the members get National and Global scale reach in negligible cost as compared to the funds required to take your business global via traditional path."

Highlights of ABN:


- New method for Indian businesses to expand globally
- Everyone can take their business global now
- Take your business national as well as international
Opportunity to connect with National and Global businesses for free
- New marketing method for new decade
- Take your business Local to National and National to International
- Even small businesses can go global now



For more information about Ablifree Business Network visit  website or call on mobile 8080 848565 

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