Friday, February 5, 2021

Taiwan base TA YA will play important role in Electric Vehicle industry in India

 Taiwan- India: - Established in 1955, Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., is the market leader in Taiwan Magnet Wire Energy & Telecom Cable, Copper Business, Construction Business. "Dragon" brand of magnet wires has been sold locally and abroad for more than 40 years now, planning to expand their business footprint in India by searching for new customers, especially in the vehicle industry, extending the original business partner relationship and promoting TAYA brand awareness in India. They also plan to visit customers and potential business partners like leading Vehicle manufacturers after COVID-19 slowdown.  The group's extensive production experience has enabled it to develop magnet wires, flat wires and TILWs of different characteristics that are widely used for industrial activities, consumer products, automobiles, electromechanical equipment, and electronics. Talking about opportunities in India, a spokesperson from TA YA said, “Our current product trends is to make our customers’ products more eco and higher efficient. That can help us be more competitive. There are many electronic parts manufacturers in India. They need good quality magnet wire and TAYA offers good material to them for producing their product. We have already exported products to India for over 10 years. We had 2 agents to help us to search for business opportunities. The Electric Vehicle motor market is the next goal we would like to develop. Our priority market in India is the transformer market. Currently we have 2 agents in India now and do not need to have more agents at present. In the long run we want to find direct users and not rely on the agent network.”

About company: 1955 - "Ta Ya Enterprise," the Company's former entity, was founded in Tainan City. 1967 - Changed name to Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., and began production of magnet wires in addition to high-voltage rubber-insulated cables. 1986 - Relocated to the current address at Kuan Miao Dist. With headquarters in Taiwan, Ta Ya has since begun constructing production facilities in China and Vietnam. In the last 60 years, the Company was fortunate to have a team of employees who worked diligently with mutual benefit, and who are constantly exploring and seeking diversification into new businesses.

TA YA Product range:

IFDWMany motor-related products use energy-saving frequency conversion functions, but the frequency converter generates instantaneous surges during operation, which is equivalent to an instantaneous high voltage that can break insulating enamel since it cannot withstand the instantaneous high voltage. Ta Ya IFDW enameled wire overcomes this shortcoming and uses nanotechnology to refine the organic coating, so that the product life can be extended. It is currently widely used in electric vehicles and inverter motors.

LDWThe insulating film of low-dielectric enameled copper wire uses low-dielectric heat-resistant coating, which has a higher partial discharge initial voltage than general enameled wires. It can effectively prevent partial discharge, prolong the service life of the motor, and easily have the anti-surge effect. Mainly suitable for use in electric vehicles, aerospace industry, fire protection industry, military industry and other products.

TDWThe enameled copper wire with thermal conductive coating can quickly conduct the heat energy of the conductor and avoid the continuous accumulation of heat on the enameled copper wire. At the same time, it can reduce the operating temperature of the motor and improve the working efficiency of the motor. Da Ya thermally conductive enameled copper wire is suitable for use in electric vehicles and motor products that require good heat dissipation

MCWWhen the frequency of the AC signal is higher; the AC impedance will increase with the increase of frequency due to the proximity effect and the skin effect. Under higher frequency, Da Ya magnetic conductive enamelled copper wire has lower AC impedance than ordinary enamelled copper wire. It is quite suitable for 5G communication equipment.

RTWThe rectangular copper wire can be wound without gaps in the same space as the round wire, which improves the space factor and enables the motor to be miniaturized with high power output. Electric vehicles are the trend of future transportation. With the vigorous development of electric vehicles, the requirements for enameled copper wires have become more stringent, and the original round conductors have gradually transformed into rectangular wires.

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